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What else is there to talk about?

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With regard to KQ in general, what else is there left to discuss? We've discussed pretty much everything about every game in the series to death. What more can we talk about? I hope, if anything, that this thread might get people thinking, with the hope of maybe provoking some new discussion.
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  • We could talk about whether or not Mask of Eternity is really a King's Quest game.
  • Been there, done that hundreds of times... It's literally the KQ8 law that most KQ discussions especially those that head in direction of KQ8 end up that way.
  • Most of the King's Quest games aren't "King's Quests"... most were actually elitist "technology demo" wank fests.... Not designed for general public but only designed for a small group of "game or technology enthusiests" paraphrasing what Roberta has said in the past. They were never mainstream or the most successful games on the market.

    Most aren't even "King's Quests".

    KQ1, you are not a king, but are on a quest for a king, and become a king at the end...

    KQ2 you are a king on a quest...

    KQ3 you aren't playing a king... KQ4 doesn't have you playing a king. You are at least saving the kingdom of Daventry or a quest to save the King Graham.... But you were never on a quest from a king.

    KQ6 at least has a player becoming a king, although he doesn't save the kingdom of Daventry.... I suppose it also has him saving some kingdom at least. But he's never on a quest from a king. Graham appears, but is not much more than a cameo, if you get the best ending.

    KQ7 doesn't even have Graham, nor do you 'save' Daventry, nor does it have a save the King of Daventry story, or story where a character becomes a king... It at least has the player saving some kingdom, but the quest is not from a king...

    KQ8 you aren't a king (again just a knight at the most, similar to Graham in KQ1), you aren't directly given a quest from a king (but you do get part of your quest from a magic mirror that has given quests to various characters in previous games), you do save a few kings though (including King Graham), and it is about saving the kingdom of Daventry, and a handful of other lands....

    However, even still King's Quest isn't the most misnamed series out there... That would probably be the "Final Fantasy" series... If it was really the "Final Fantasy" the series should have ended with the first one!
  • No, King's Quests 1-7 are King's Quests. Mask of Eternity was something else, with a KQ name slapped on it.

  • Mask of Eternity COULD have felt more like King's Quest, but they didn't expand enough on Connor's backstory and psychological motivations. Would it have killed him to show a little emotion once in a while?
  • Earliest KQ games have characters with little or no emotion at all, and are over glorified 'treasure hunts'... With 'silent protaganists'. Some might argue they don't really have 'puzzles' per se either. Mostly just fetch quests at the most. Pretty much nothing to do with psychological motivations (actually most of the series lacks "psychological motivations" for the most part, it isn't Jane Jensen's series :p)... Not much backstory either in most the games, unless you actually take the time to read the manuals...

    It really wasn't until KQ4 that story became more of the focus (even KQ3 was fairly limited). But KQ4 probably had more emotion than any game before it, and most games after it. Roberta claims that women and some men may apparently cried when she showed the intro video to them at a convention.

    KQ5? Graham is practically emotionless still... He's said to be sad in some game descriptions, but shows very little of that. The 'voice' acting from various characters doesn't really show any emotion either.

    KQ6, sure probably second game after KQ4 to have some emotion, and voice actors for characters that have noticeable and realistic emotion. It's not really "psychological" per se, but its the closest the series has to it, and that's probably because of Jane Jensen's influence.

    KQ7 sure characters have emotions, but its basically all saccarine and silly! Rosella has a little bit of 'rude and spoiled' aspects in parts of the game "Eww yuck, princesses don't do this" kinda attitude (this still comes off rather silly)... I'd question if its has any 'psychological motivations'... Although Valanice has a firm idea why she's in the adventure, to save her lost daughter... She also cries a bit because of this loss as well, when she thinks about her (which is part of a puzzle solution). Still this comes off kind of forced and overly dramatic than emotional.

    KQ8, other characters have emotions (but more closer to KQ6 in quality and seriousness), and Connor's personality is basically "super hero". "I'm here to save the day, stand a side'! He does have a couple of nice speeches though on nature of "honor", "justice" and "nobility". Still makes him sound like a super hero though... Connor's backstory is also limited to the manual for the most part, the official website, and a few things he comments about when looking around Daventry, or other characters say about him...
    The tale thus far...

    In a time long ago, magic and myth is embodied in every living creature roaming the world. Unicorns graze in forest meadows, wizards concoct mystical spells and kings and queens manage thriving kingdoms.
    In the kingdom of Daventry, inhabitants enjoy peace and prosperity under the rule of the majestic King Graham. But one day, the kingdom's serenity turns to disorder. An evil being takes up quarters in the sacred sanctity of the Mask of Eternity - the global icon of truth, light and order. With arms thrust upward, he summons a dark spell. The skies darken and bolts of lightning converge on the temple. With a powerful burst, the mask explodes into pieces that fall to the world below.

    Meanwhile, in Daventry, a young townsperson named Connor is about to become the most important person in the world's history. As the Mask of Eternity rains down on the land, one piece lands at Connor's feet. Just as he picks it up, the supernatural spell reaches ground. In a flash, every inhabitant of the beloved kingdom turns to stone. That is, every inhabitant but one. With the sacred mask piece in hand, Connor is somehow protected from the consequences of the omen.

    Playing the role of Connor, you must gather strength and courage and set out on the ultimate quest: reseat the Mask of Eternity and restore law, light and order to your world. Only then can global order be restored!

    Journeying beyond Daventry, you will visit otherworldly realms filled with unimaginable characters, brain-twisting tests of courage and incredible challenges. But the spread of evil has created an extra challenge - dark creatures roaming free across the land are ready for a fight. It'll take perfect marksmanship and a sharp sword to keep these from ending your quest!
  • There is always "The Silver Lining" (or the AGDI remakes) if people want to see KQ characters have forced overly-dramatic moody and angsty 'emotions' and 'psychological motivations'... :p

    Cause really, that kinda stuff doesn't really exist in main series proper...
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    sounds like a damn anime.
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