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No-one can be trusted.

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After playing the first 3 episodes, I have come to the conclusion that no-one in the group can be trusted. After playing Episode 1, I thought that Kenny would be my most loyal companion but a lot of players, including me, fell out with him during the Meat Locker scene in Episode 2. Everyone who you might be able to trust somehow dies or leaves in one way or another. Doug/Carley (whichever one you saved) was next on my list of being trusted, but they were shot down by Lilly, who then also left the group. Finally, Duck and Katjaa are gone now too and I feel like there is no-one in the group I can trust anymore. Even Clementine has been lying to me, and seems to trust the stranger on her radio more than Lee because she thinks they have their parents. The group is falling apart and when the 2 newcomers arrived at the end of Episode 3, somehow I think they will die too or betray the group in some way. Even Ben, who is basically still a kid cannot be trusted, because he was the one who supplied the bandits and caused Doug/Carley to die and Lilly to leave. What are your thoughts? Should we trust ANYONE in the group? Or can Lee manage on his own?
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