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Those that sided with Kenny in the meat locker..

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..because Larry was probably dead and he would've turned. Would you have done the same if it was Carley/Doug lying there? Or Kenny/Katjaa? Lilly? Or even worse.. Clem?

Just wondering if an apparent disike for Larry influenced that decision.
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  • thestalkinghead;640535 said:
    but he was dead, he had a massive heart attack that stopped his heart, resuscitation is bringing someone back to life in that situation, and i think even a few seconds of no immune system would make the virus take over, resuscitation is impossible, unless you can actually bring a zombie back to life with a defibrillator.
    The stat at the end of the game for that decision was labeled, "pragmatic."

    It is easy to say that any one individual would make the proper moral and humane decision based on their beliefs, religion, or value. Though that person is one individual.

    The situation with Larry affected a group of individuals. They were locked in a room with no plausible way to escape and no way to evade a problem if one were to arise. Context is very important here. A man with a known history of severe heart problems, has very clearly suffered a heart attack. He has had one before and he was only able to make it through because of a selfless effort to get him medication. This attack is even worse. He has been rendered unconscious and he is not breathing with either no pulse or a very feint one. He has not responded to at least two rounds of improperly performed CPR. This man needs serious medical attention or he will die. He will turn, and a group will be locked in a room with him. While discussing this topic on a moral ground, it is vital to understand that by saying one should try to save Larry until he is either saved or turned (because 100% of the time it is one or the other), they are willing to risk their own life.

    Is it just, or moral, to make that same decision for every other individual in the room? Is that decision PRAGMATIC to and for everyone else? What if Larry turns and kills Clem before you get a chance to finish him? The decision to save Larry seems to be the selfish choice. The choice of allowing ones own moral value and belief to directly decide another persons fate.

    Kenny made the right choice. He may have acted too quickly, but it is the decision that would have to be made at some point. Even if trying bought Larry a few more minutes. Remember there was no way out at that point. As far as they were concerned they were completely trapped.

    Sacrifice is necessary for the greater good of others. Unless every other person was willing to die for Larry's sake, he must be finished. That is pragmatic. That is just. We have a military in place that feels the same way. If you can choose for yourself, fine. You can not make those same decisions or choices for someone else.
  • Actually, I did not even care about him being a douche to me at that point all I thought was survival of the fittest and he was a ticking timebomb in any sense of the word. If not now then later at maybe an even worse location and time, so might as well take the proper cautions with the situation.
    What I mean by ticking timebomb is the fact that without nitro pills this would just continue to happen, we met him under such circumstances and it is fair to assume he will end up i that situation again.
  • It all comes down to size.. not necessarily who I like/dislike. A clementine-sized walker is easy to deal with, compared to huge and massive weight Larry-sized walker. Same for the girls lilly and carley. Carley is small and light so no problem there either. Lilly is taller but also skinny so maybe.. The main reason I killed Larry was his size+weight and not the dislike. So no I wouldn't have smashed carley/clems head in.. because the risk of them becoming a walker and endangering me would be much much smaller.
  • The only reason I didn't kill Larry is because of Clementine...didn't want her to think of me as a monster
  • Augurk;640081 said:
    ..because Larry was probably dead and he would've turned. Would you have done the same if it was Carley/Doug lying there? Or Kenny/Katjaa? Lilly? Or even worse.. Clem?

    Just wondering if an apparent disike for Larry influenced that decision.
    Anyone else wouldnt have been such an immediate threat had they turned, his sheer size in that small room made for a quick death for all.
    Had it been anyone else on that floor I would have totally waited to check for pulse, heartbeat; breathing, all that
    But Larry, being the ass that he was, made the decision much faster and easier for me.
    (My official playthrough I still try to save him, simply because, ass or not, another human is better than another walker)
  • I agree with what Kenny did in theory, just not in execution. He jumped the gun.
  • Yeah, if it was Lilly or Kenny it would have been far easier, and more practical, to check for vital signs again. Larry is a behemoth, if he had gotten back up someone else would have died. I back up Kenny because I hated Larry, I did it because I didn't want to lose more people than we were already going to. If I thought it was possible to save Larry without taking the chance of losing anyone else, I would have. Plus, if he had the choice, I'd like to think he would have let us kill him if there was a chance he could turn and hurt Lilly.
  • I tried to save Larry in my playthrough since it caught me off-guard, but in my next playthrough I'll side with Kenny. AFAIK, CPR just doesn't work for heart attack victims without a defibrillator, and I think a reanimated Larry can easily kill everyone else in the room since there's no weapons for Lee and Kenny.
  • jaybreezy;640171 said:
    I helped Larry and killed both brothers. The only person that I would have had second thoughts about killing in that situation would have been Clem.

    Edit: If we would have had some type of weapon then it would have been a different story. But stuck with a walker in a meat locker or any small area with no weapon isn't a very good situation.
    Same here
  • CQ76;678363 said:
    Same here
    Great minds... :D
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