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Black Mesa Source coming out on 14th

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As if to drive the point home, the forum servers are on the fritz with so much activity. The Xen section won't be complete for a while longer, but they said it was greatly expanded and is pretty much a full game in its own right. Also, you can buy the soundtrack for pretty much whatever you want.

It's coming! At last! Been watching and waiting for this game for years!
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  • Been playing this all night! Well, not all night. I went to bed and just got up now. They did a very nice job. I stopped at On A Rail. I love the changes and refinements. Very well done.
  • They already have a list for the first patch, but I've only encountered a few issues(Granted a couple lead to freezing/crashing). It was cool of the team to spend the whole day on the forum though.
  • Played the first chapter last night, gonna tear into it all evening once I have me dinner. Never seen a fan project on this scale before ever, really impressive stuff.

    I have no doubt somebody will come bursting into the thread with complaints about the free game/mod.

    EDIT: Ribs is the early worm.
  • I played HL 1 once a long long time ago on a console I cant even remember which one.. I just remember I didn't play it much because the controls sucked.... so I think I will check this out.
  • Be warned, the crouch-jump high jump is still there. Otherwise, it's just like Half-life 2. I used the controller though.
  • Irishmile;678584 said:
    I played HL 1 once a long long time ago on a console I cant even remember which one.. I just remember I didn't play it much because the controls sucked.... so I think I will check this out.
    That'd be the PS2 version, since the Dreamcast one was cancelled, despite being pretty much finished. The DC version's also where we got Blue Shift from, being created as a DC exclusive before being ported (rather badly, TBH) to the PC as a stand-alone game.


    Played to just after Gordon gets his crowbar before I had to leave for work, and I adore what they've done. This is an astounding piece of work and I cannot priase them enough for what they've done. It wasn't worth 8 years of waiting, but it's still an amazing mod and I'd urge everyone to check it out.

    Special mention - The achievements and their science-y names. Love 'em.
  • Haven't played yet. I'm waiting for the Steam release. As usual.
  • It's gonna be a while. Like, months.
  • Darth Marsden;678619 said:
    It's gonna be a while. Like, months.
    I don't care. I can wait years if I have to. I'm used to it.
    Waiting to play games has so many advantages.

    ° Cheaper
    ° Patched
    ° GOTY editions
    ° If I'm stuck someone already made a walkthrough
  • Black Mesa is very very very very good. Eli's voice is different, but the rest of the voice acting is actually spot on. The attention to detail in this game is incredible. Literally, the character's activities are so lifelike and seamless, not only can you miss a lot of them by just walking by people, but they lead to some new marvel.

    The Gman cameo at the beginning is brilliant but you have to look for it, just like every other instance. It feels like Valve made it themselves, except so far it's better than anything they've ever done. For me.

    Half-Life 1 is one of my favorite games of all time. So far the changes I've seen, such as actually incorporating Eli and Kleiner, and taking Barney out of the beginning, all work to incorporate this better into the universe than the original was. The jokes are clever. The dialogue is well-written. The combat is satisfying, especially with the changes made. There are hiccups every now and then, but the game is gorgeous, and there are times where I struggle to believe it's free.

    Can't wait to see where they take Xen.
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