What happened with Doom 4 and Call of the putty?

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Alright. A year ago, i heard about two games. One of which interested me while the other one interested my older brother. The titles are Doom 4 and Clayfigther: Call of the putty. Both of which are new games(while call of the putty is somewhat of a re-release of the director's cut with Earthworm Jim).

I have been hearing on and off news about these two games. What happened with them? Are they still being developed as we speak? I need some answers here.


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    Google. It's a hell of a drug.
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    We've not seen anything of Doom 4 yet. Haven't heard of the other one. Doom 3 BFG Edition just came out with enhanced graphics and a new "lost mission". Many suspect this is to prepare us for when Doom 4 is officially announced. They've only said that they've been working on it thus far. We haven't seen anything yet. It'll be a while.
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    Doom 4 is in the works. Presumably Doom 3 BFG Edition is being done to build hype.

    As for Clay Fighter...no idea.
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    Isn't that exactly what I said, in fewer words?
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    It's happening for real. They promise you'll never look at your PC the same way again...
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