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Save File Bug AFTER Episode 3 completion

posted by Burl on - last edited - Viewed by 366 users
Here is what happened. I completed Episode 3. I close the game.
I open the game later, it crashes, and then open it again and my saves are gone. The files are still in the folders.

I have read all of these threads to find the possible solution for me and none of them have worked. I backed up the folder and I have done
2) copy/pasting
3) file moving/manipulating
4) and all other suggestions. Nothing is working and I am not about to play through all 3 episodes again.

One thing to note. Peopl have said they you should get a "The Walking Dead" folder and a "the walking dead folder". I am NOT getting that 2nd one for whatever reason no matter what method I try. Please try and help me! :-(

-Sad Walking Dead fan who cannot play through the game again and pick the same choices knowing what happens because of the choices
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