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Who wants Ben dead in twd Ep 4?

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Who wants Ben [SPOILER]dead in Ep4[/SPOILER], I wanna see what people think should he die for [SPOILER]lying to the group?[/SPOILER] Does Kenny find out What [SPOILER]Ben did that got his family killed[/SPOILER], and Kenny wants Ben [SPOILER]dead[/SPOILER]?

I wanna see how many people are against Ben for what he has done, and who see's him as a kid just afraid of the bandit's.

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  • I'm pretty sure plenty of people will disagree with me, but I for one think it's pretty stupid to want Ben dead because of what he did. He knows he made a mistake and I think the situation won't repeat itself. Bottom line, I don't want Ben dead, would actually think it's pretty nice if he made it through season 1.
  • I don't necessarily want him dead, but I certainly don't want him in the party.
  • I am against Ben since I would like to kill him for his betrayal of my group and the deaths that resulted of my friends because of Ben being a traitor.

    As far as I can tell, Kenny does not know yet about what Ben did in e3. In e4 he may find out. I truely do not care what happens to Ben or Kenny. They are both dead to me.
  • I couldn't care less whether he lives or dies. If Kenny wants to kill Ben when he finds out what happened and I'm given a choice between Kenny and Ben, I got Kennys back all the way.
  • I dont want Ben dead by any means. I really hope he stays a while and shows that he has learned a lesson from his mistake.
  • Even though I dislike him I dont want him dead yet. This game would be no fun if there was no one I can treat like crap. ;)
    I really do hope they let me be a real asshole to him in episode 4.
    Without Ben all there is left is Kenny and Clementine... I highly doubt any new characters will grow on me so late in this season.

    Personally I also think it was too early to kill off duck as there is hardly any characters i am attached to left.
  • Happy 100th post, Mr. Box.
  • If they give me the choice to kill him, I´ll do it...
  • well i defended him in the interrogation on the side of the road so he dam well better not die without sacrificing his life for me. More questioned by him saying from the top of the train that he would "punch my own ticket" meaning suicide if he gets cornered or attacked by the walkers.
  • Yep i want him dead.
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