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[SPOILERS]Ben's character and deeds

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Either you saved Carley or Doug. These great characters shall be avenged. Yeah, Lilly killed them, BUT Ben was giving the extra stuff to the bandits, wich caused the whole thing.

These were great characters, ones who shouldn't be forgotten. Ben, a stupid little teenager who is more scared of everything then a 12 year old.

Please, by joining this thread, you 100% guarantee that you WILL kill Ben, at the first time you get.
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  • How many times does a guy have to leave you for dead and threaten you in order for you not to trust him?
  • I have to admit, my memory of what he said in episode 2 isn't photographic.... but I don't recall a threat in what Larry said, just... hard-headed bluster.

    I would, of course, have to replay the episode or see it again to know for sure.

    Edit: I do remember I was pretty pissed after the man had finished exercising his cake-hole though.
  • Xarne;679870 said:
    That's exactly what I've been telling you.
  • Cyreen;679885 said:
    That's exactly what I've been telling you.
    Ok Cyreen :)
  • I don't care what happens to Ben.
  • I hope he's eaten by cackling midgets.
  • Honestly, I kind of forgive the guy.

    He might not be very bright, but he was trying to look out for his friend, he spent the entirity of episode 3 being so damn remorseful, and he ultimately came clean with Lee.

    It doesn't seem like he's ever going to make that mistake again, not after seeing the consequences of his I'll definitely be trusting him a little more from now on (strangely enough).
  • for Ben's deception he will die as soon as possible for letting Carley be killed...
  • I wonder how many of the forgivers changed their mind after the newest trailer.
  • We don't know if what we see in the trailer is what happens, or just something that can happen, based on how you've treated characters. I don't know if Kenny will be throwing me the gun.

    Even if that's the same whatever, he's a kid and panicked again. I will probably be blaming lee, or myself for leaving clem alone. Just like I blamed Lee for sending Clem off to the toilet on her own. Could have at least checked the place out first rather than assuming.
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