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[Ep. 3 - Spoilers] Anyone glad about the changes to the group?

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By changes I mean that we've a completely different group from the end of Ep. 1.

Seriously when I saw what a drama bomb my group had become at the end of Ep. 1, I begged the game to let me go with Glenn, rather than stay with that lot.

The tension between Lilly and Kenny's family + Carley, The unmovable wrench in Lee's relation with Larry, the fact Lee does all the work yet it's a power struggle between Lilly and Kenny to be in charge.

Wish I could've just grabbed Mark, Carley, & Clem (Maybe Ben?) and just left at the beginning of Ep. 2 when everyone told me fuck myself for not wanting to go to the dairy. I mean Clem wanted to find her parents and satting about for 3 months in Macon wasn't helping.

But nope, Death has to be the solution...
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  • I am very happy with how the story is progressing.
  • I'm okay with how the story is progressing. Having to listen to Kenny's bullshit for two more episodes could've killed me :p
    I'm sad to see Lilly go but her story arc was awesome and thanks to it I became huge fan of hers. Also, we will be able to enjoy "The Road to Woodbury' so that's not the last we've seen of her.
    As for the new characters I like them, especially the fact that I haven't really made my mind as whether to trust them or not. The three of them look trustworthy but who knows. We'll see! All I know is that I'm done with Ben and Kenny.
  • I'm kind of glad we got new people. Miss the old ones, but change is necessary for a story to stay interesting. If we had all the same characters from episode 1 with us now it wouldn't be nearly as interesting as it currently is going into episode 4. I don't think Omid will put a knife in my back and Christa seems cool, if judgemental, as well. Chuck is a bit of a mystery. Kenny's had my back since Day 1, so I'm really glad he's still with us. Not sure about Ben, but he probably isn't going to impress me in Savvanah. It just doesn't seem to be in his character.
  • Characters will always be coming and leaving.

    The real challenge TellTale will have now is to make us care about Omid, Christa in Chuck.

    Though in truth I already like all of them :D

    Hopefully they don't have some deep hidden secret or stab me in the back...
  • Also, it will be nice to start an Ep without people at each other's throats
    *cough Lily/Kenny*
    Hopefully I can start this episode by getting to know those 3 better before starting 'the calm before the storm'
  • I'm going to miss Carley, and for some reason I doubt I'll take a liking to Omid and Christa so in that sense I'm not too happy about the changes to the group, but the story is doing a good job in keeping my interest. i already can't wait to see what's happening in Savannah and dealing with radio-dude.

    I'm also hoping for a chance to split up the group since that was an option for Lee to talk about in the train with Clem. I could take Clem, Kenny, and Chuck while Omid and Christa can have...Ben, yep, I'd like that.
  • Kinda wish Lilly could've stayed longer and Carley too. The group is down people who can shoot. You've got a hobo , a depressed guy , 2 random strangers and a kid who killed/sent off 3 people and little old Clem. Hopefully she becomes Carley 2.0 and starts shooting walkers up.
  • Zombies are Awesome!;670581 said:
    Pissed off more like it. I don't care that they killed of most of the group, its just that now my Lee couldn't give a shit about the new members. i only care about Clem and my boy Kenny. Screw the strangers
    That is pretty much what Telltale wanted. Many people SOOO much wanted to get attached, even build a relationship (Carley and/or Lily), they so much wanted things to have a touch to our normality... and now they've lost it.

    You don't give a shit? Good on you... you have arrived in a Zombie Apocalypse, and you know there will be more good byes to come. ;)
  • Freeze;679931 said:
    Kinda wish Lilly could've stayed longer and Carley too. The group is down people who can shoot. You've got a hobo , a depressed guy , 2 random strangers and a kid who killed/sent off 3 people and little old Clem. Hopefully she becomes Carley 2.0 and starts shooting walkers up.

    1. Hobo

    You don't know anything about his shooting skills. He can't shoot because he was homeless when it all began?

    2. Kenny (depressed guy)
    Can still shoot.

    3. 2 random strangers (Christa and Omid)
    Again. there is no information you could judge on.

    4. Ben (the kid)

    What tells you he isn't the fastest shot around by now? Ben wasn't featured in any way, except for some talk.

    5. Clem
    I heard she's a crack shot now. image
  • I'm pretty sure Lily will be back at some point, she knows where they were heading.

    Carley was a shocking death that perhaps a few saw come but on the whole it was a wtf which they did well (even if I'd of preferred her to stay alive).

    Not a big fan of killing off most of the original members personally, as you struggle to have an attachment to new people when they get introduced at the end of an episode with no real back story, I didn't expect all of Kenny's family to last till the end but half way through was a surprise. Will see how episode 4 goes, we know of at least one new person, the guy on the other end of the walkie-talkie.

    It was obvious that within limited financial and time restraints choices up to now would have limited affect on the actual story progression (although good effect on dialouge), TTG can hardly make three different games. I'd expect episode 4 to be similar. My guesses would be a Ben redemption (which probably leads to his death whilst saving Kenny) and/or Lily redemption in a similar way whilst I can't really figure the Clem story. She's a guarantee to be safe until episode 5 (personal think she has to stay alive, it's basically the premise of the series). The two new people appear to be zombie food but we'll see. Chuck could go either way.

    Just hope I don't have to wait too long, I'm not very patient...
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