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Indiana Jones thread

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Here you can talk about the video games, movies, the upcoming 5th movie, the ride, the Young Indiana Jones TV series, whether or not Telltale should do a game, or anything about the franchise in general. Let it whip!
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  • StarEye;620119 said:
    FoA will always win, due to it's nature for me. But Emperor's Tomb was pretty damn good... and heck, I even enjoyed The Infernal Machine back when it was new, despite it's jankiness. Unfortunately, I've never played Staff of Kings... I have to get around to that soon.

    In short, Emperor's Tomb is the best Action-Indy game (that I've tried), and FoA is the best Adventure-Indy game.
    Staff of Kings has mediocre graphics and strange gameplay, but if you try to find a positive outlook, then it’s an alright game. Fountain of Youth felt more like Monkey Island in the Indiana Jones universe when I first played it, but i’ve come to respect it more. Infernal Machine is good for a platformer, but if you like play games like Tomb Raider or Uncharted, it’s not really for you. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, though, it’s just a more of a puzzler’s game.

    Emperor’s Tomb, hands down. I don’t know why, but I love it when adventure stories are set in China. The only thing I didn’t care for was the auto-aiming mechanism. When you zoomed in and try to fire headshots, the guy will just get up again. What, are they superhuman? Aside from that, I fucking love this game. And Farlander is right about the combat system, it is awesome. It is the only Indy game that truly feels like one of the movies.

    Hey, I just got this idea. What if Lucasarts developed an Indy game where you play through the movies, but the gameplay is like Emperor’s Tomb? Remember the Von Beck level where you run through the ruins? Didn’t that remind you of the giant boulder?

    If Lucasarts tried something like that, it would be a hit! Unless they fuck it up like they do most of the time.
  • FitzoliverJ;609962 said:
    Indiana Jones and the Bob Vila Carpentry Project of Doom
  • Anyone here like the Young Indy show?
  • I did/do, though I confess I haven't watched much of it. A little bit of the very first episode and the VHS copy of Phantom Train of Doom (which I SWEAR is where Lucas got the name for Episode I), but I've liked what I've seen.
  • I just saw the Indiana Jones movie marathon at AMC Theaters. I won a fedora, a couple of posters, and a deck of Indy playing cards. Awesome!
  • I call for a vote. Who wants Telltale to do an Indiana Jones video game?
  • I want Lucasarts to finish their 360/PS3 Indy game that they abandoned. It looked pretty sweet, I doubt the Wii version they finally released could hold a candle to it.
  • Ribs;679932 said:
    I don't.
    Well, why the hell not? It would make up for Staff of Kings, which was a huge disappointment. Besides, the trailer they were going to make in 2007 was basically turned around in a huge way probably because of budget cuts. What looked like a GTA Indiana Jones ended up being a shitfest with bad graphics and fighting mechanics.
  • Ribs is not a fan of Telltale games.
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