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Your KQ8

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Let's say you have to work only with these basic premises for a KQ8:

-The story must involve a plot to destroy an artifact known as the Mask of Eternity. It's destruction wrecks havoc in some form across Daventry and beyond.
-The game must be in full 3D, be that first or third person or some hybrid.

How would you go about KQ8 building on those two basic parameters?

It is from this line of thinking, IMO, that a KQ8 remake or imagining should start.
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  • Give the whole Daventry family a playable role, I think!
  • Personally, I'm not too keen on the idea of a MacGuffin-based plot--at least, not one that involves the utterly cliched "venture forth and collect all 8 pieces of the Triforce" trope.

    That'd be the first thing I'd change. And then we'd go from there.
  • King's Quest McGuffin a plenty...

    King's Quest I: Collect the three pieces of the Great Treasures of Daventry.... Triforce alert...

    King's Quest 2: Collect the three keys... Again MacGuffin alert... Again pretty much the triceforce alert (see A Link To the Past with hits three Talismans to open a gateway to Aghanim)

    King's Quest 3: ok, not so much on the MacGuffins... Unless you count the spells themselves... But that's stretching it.

    King's Quest 4.... MacGuffin alert, the three treasures for Lolotte, and steal the Talisman... (again kinda Zelda like)

    King's Quest 5: Not so bad... No specific MacGuffins. Not even sure you can count the Family in a Jar.

    King's Quest 6: No specific MacGuffins. Not even sure you can count the Island's greatest treasures, or the Genie... He who controls the genie, gets the best ending...

    King's Quest 7: Maybe a few, but not so specific. Perhaps, the Strange Device needed to defeat Malicia...

    King's Quest 8: Ya, back to MacGuffins of the earlier games, aplenty, now in the form of five mask pieces, and possibly include the the pyramid key to reach the Realm of the Sun as well... Then later the three items to enter the Sanctum Satorum (Armor, Cup, and Sword/Shield).
  • Give the whole Daventry family a playable role, I think!

  • What about collecting the ingredients for Mathilde?
  • I suppose it does have a kind of nod back to the tripart quest, in the early games (though self contained to a single chapter), similar to the search for the three medallions in A Link to The Past, as something that has to be completed before you can move on to the next portions of the game.
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