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Who was your first suspect with the broken flashlight?

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As the title says, When you first questioned everyone about it, Who was your first suspect?
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  • I originally thought it was Lilly. Because Lilly was leaving for Woodbury soon, I thought that she did it and she was forced to leave the group because of that reason.
  • Ben. I had been through so much with everyone else that I was more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I didn't know Ben. He didn't get that luxury.
  • I actually had no idea who it could have been. Everyone could have had their reasons to do it, but I only showed it to Doug, Kenny/Katjaa and Duck later on. The flashlight being broken didn't bother me as much as it did Lilly, though.
  • I thought it was actually Lilly. She thought people would ask about the flashlight she broke, panicked, then told Lee do he wouldn't suspect her if anyone noticed. I also thought she might have been taking the drugs to get over Larrys death.

    Kinda makes sense.
  • repeat thread peeps link to my 'the traitor thread'

    to be on topic i thought larry/lilly since larry was always on about being fed and keeping lilly safe.. also for her to shift the blame on to lee or others was a simple misdirection but when i played ep3 i was leanign towards carley she got very defensive when i asked her..and then talking to ben after kinda made me suspect himit was only after carley died i then dedused it was ben and was actually saying to the computer he better fess up soon..

    thank you, you're welcome :)
  • Hmmm...almost half thought it was Ben...coinciDENCE??? me thinks not
  • I was almost certain it was Ben, the only reason I had the slightest doubt was that it was so obvious...almost too obvious.
  • Kenny, right from the start. I thought he was manipulating and engineering a situation where we'd be forced to leave the motel.
  • I actually suspected Duck stealing the stuff because of how Kenny acted by stealing stuff from that car, plus he was finding the clues pretty fast. (By the way no Duck on the list) But yeah I should of suspected the more nervous one.
  • agree with xarne, hind sight is an amazing thing...and most people have that at 20/20

    to say it after the fact means nothing with out proof..
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