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Monkey Island 5

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All Monkey Island fans would love an excellent fifth game and to find out the answers to all the questions we have, but I've got a tricky one for you - answer the poll in this thread and let me know what you think!

Option One - Monkey Island 5 is created, but it turns out to be a very bad game in all ways possible. However, all your questions are answered and you find out the secret of Monkey Island.
Option Two - Monkey Island 5 is never made. However, this means never and no games company can ever make the fifth game, or any other games relating to the series.
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  • I would just get all the answers, even if it kills the series. It's better than nothing I guess.
    But sometime unanswers questions are quite good though, it keeps your imagination running.
  • I think probably option 1. Option 2 seems a bit too final, no chance of an MI6 or a retcon or anything.

    I'd be happy for a new MI in any form though tbh, even if it was something as different as a platformer or an RPG (that said, I'm borderline obsessed with RPGs at the minute. As in, I've not played anything that isn't an RPG or doesn't have strong RPG elements in months).
  • I'd like a Monkey 5, but if it's gonna be bad, there just wouldn't be any point. I'd like one, but not if it's gonna be bad.
  • Well if there is a Monkey Island 5, I really hope it looks like this (MI3 style):


    Escape From Monkey Island looked absolutely horrible.
  • Never played the monkey island games before, but def option 2. I would rather not see a game than see and it ruins the franchise. If only that happened with Sonic the hedgehog...sigh..

    It would be cooler to see these old games redone a newer engine, same games but improved. Look at how much Telltale improved with Season 2 of S&M.
  • Thinking about it, probably option too. I'd hate to see the series ruined, like how TV series stretch it out too much. I'd rather leave the ending to my imagination. I agree though that if one is done, it should go back to MI3's design.
  • two too....why would i need questions answered, if i don't get the feeling that's the way it was originally intended. i mean anybody could invent something that is then defined as the secret of monkey island, but only a few people might do a good job at it. however, this doesn't necesarrily require the original inventor...sometimes even they can screw up their own francise. like mr. lucas did with the star wars prequels. he knew how his original concepts looked like and then he changed so much, that it doesn't fit he had to change the original movies as well...again.

    so, yes, i would like another monkey island...but only if it also feels like monkey island and not just some other game they called a dude guybrush in.
  • I don't think that there are any open questions that the original authors actually had a good answer too. Sure, someone can make up a secret for Monkey Island or explain how Big Whoop relates to the 17th century Carribean, but it would all be retcon.
  • Personally, I'm not so sure that option 1 hasn't already happened; MI3, if made by Ron Gilbert probably not only would have revealed the secret of monkey island but not have included so much of a tangent and unnecesary storyline. That part where lechuck had to fill in all the gaps in the story in an extremely large exposition was very irritating, although the graphical style was good.
    I firmly believe that if Gilbert was given the rights he could avoid both of those possibilities.

    I hope he gets the beard back in MI5, it'd look good on MI3 graphical style.
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