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How will it end? Predictions

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Lee dies. Clementine lives. The entire game is about Clementine. Season 2 will be about a new character that meets Clementine and is her new protector/guardian.

Just a hunch.
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  • Lee, Clem, and Clem's parents try to escape the city. Clem's parents get bitten. Lee has a choice of putting them down or letting them turn into walkers. Sorrow endues. End of season 1.
  • It all goes sidways when you're close to finding the boat. The herd from the train station hits town and the streets are filling with walkers. Near the river, the remnants of the group get split up, with Clementine and Lee cut off from the boat as walkers close in all around. They dodge through buildings and streets until they come to The Marsh House. Trying to get inside, Clem is grabbed again by a walker. Lee moves to free her, but there's too many. Clem is freed but Lee is bitten. Taking cover inside the Marsh House, they search the halls and find Clem's mother. As Lee nears death, and eventual reanimation, he hands Clem's mom his gun. Depending on how you raised Clem, she'll take the gun and end your suffering, or she and her mother will leave you to reanimate.
  • I really hope it's "Lee is alive", who ever is able to join in, is welcome... There is no point wanting Lee to die from a (or at least my) player point of view.
  • Deventh;680535 said:
    I think Lee will die too, but i really doubt season 2 will have anything to do with Clementine. I would like them to continue their story though --> Clem and Lee.
    I think that this is Lee's story not Clems. I think Clem won't be in the next season. Depending on your choices she is either alive or dead, but Lee will be alone. The new series will then start with Lee alone and meeting a new group of survivors.
  • I think it will end with the sound of screams and walkers eating.
  • DreadMagus;680894 said:
    I think it will end with the sound of screams and walkers eating.
    And the players in tears. :(
  • Depends on who's getting eaten. :D
  • I haven't given much thought to the specifics but I think the ending arc with Lee and Clem would be something like Lee delivering Clem to one or both of her parents who have somehow miraculously survived. That sort of doesn't mesh with the way that Kirkman tells the stories but maybe TTG will go that route of a bittersweet ending. Bittersweet as in Clem leaves Lee for her parent(s).

    The remaining characters I'm not feeling any strong tugs about their fates either way..or that much interest.
  • one of my guesses of how it ends:
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