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Indiana Jones thread

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Here you can talk about the video games, movies, the upcoming 5th movie, the ride, the Young Indiana Jones TV series, whether or not Telltale should do a game, or anything about the franchise in general. Let it whip!
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  • Has Ford ever done a videogame? I can't think of any. But after they found the perfect Marty McFly, I'd trust Telltale to find a good Indy if he won't do it.

    But I also wouldn't mind an Uncharted style Indy game. We really should have a great current-gen Indy game.
  • I would like to see Emperor’s Tomb redone. Enhance the graphics, create checkpoints (having to start the whole level over was a real pain in the ass), but leave everything else the way it is.
  • Johro;609899 said:
    How can you not love an actor who's name literally translates to "the beef".
    Besides the fact that he's not very good at his job... and seems smug... and is rather annoying. On second thought, fuck the beef.
    Shia is really cool in interviews, a regular guy. I think that most the guy populace would have a bigger ego than Shia... if they co starred in a film with Megan Fox where she was your girlfriend...And, women all around the world loved you.

    The guy is pretty down to Earth from what I've seen.

    Actually, I always pretended The Indiana Jones in Atlantis was Indiana Jones, was Harrison Ford. Using another actor all together and making a live action film is different than a cartoon game.

    Fawful, he's too old...By the time it comes out he'd be 60 years old.
  • Anyone been on the ride? If you have, tell me your tale. I would like to hear from others who have also been able to “experience the adventure."
  • It was...okay. Sorry, it's been 15 years and it didn't really leave much of an impact on me. I remember the Universal BTTF and JP rides more.
  • Really? Because I’m a huge nerd when it comes to Indiana Jones, and the ride was like seeing my first born child (not yet): An experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.
  • I remember Universal more probably because so many of those rides are gone now. King Kong, Backdraft, BTTF, ET...
  • Johro;681731 said:
    I remember Universal more probably because so many of those rides are gone now. King Kong, Backdraft, BTTF, ET...
    I didn't even know they got rid of BTTF and King Kong.

    Also, ET was my favorite ride at that place.

    They still have Jurassic Park, right?
  • Yeah it's there. King Kong wasn't a closure really, it burned down in a lot fire. That was Hollywood, Florida flat out closed theirs for something else.

    I think... Perhaps the people who live within the State.... or within the Country, are better suited to answers these.
  • Another thing: The boss fight in the end of Emperor’s Tomb was too easy. You only need to hit him six times!
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