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Would you leave Omid?

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Savannah is dangerous, you can't stay in the city and be safe, so you're headed towards the ocean (and hopefully a boat).

Omid's leg is hurt, it seems like it's infected, and he's barely able to move.

Kenny wants to go and Christa agrees, suggesting Omid be carried.

Kenny is against that, saying you can't outrun walkers.

Christa isn't leaving without Omid because she's pregnant and loves him.

Kenny isn't wasting anymore time in a dangerous place and is leaving. He offers you one chance to join him or he's gone.

Do you leave Omid or stay behind and try to help him?
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  • This might JUST be the hardest decision I'll make in episode 4. I don't like Christa. Omid's alright. But after what Kenny's been through, I don't want to let him down. Can't decide, but I'll probably stay with him (hoping Kenny stays with us too).
  • Option 3) I shoot Kenny in the Leg so he has to go with the group.
  • I kinda like Omid after the Civil War history banter between him and Lee, but if his leg is badly infected to the point he can't move, then I don't think his chances of recovery are particularly good in the first place. I won't know for sure what I'll do until I see Savannah for myself, but Clem's safety is priority #1 followed by the safety of the rest of the group, and if Savannah is crawling with walkers to the point that it looks like the group won't survive without full mobility then I'm booking it with Kenny, Clem, and Chuck.
  • As I was the one who caused his broken leg in my game, I would probably make lee carry him. Maybe even make a stretcher or something, so he can just relax a bit.
  • rachellouise85;681305 said:
    As I was the one who caused his broken leg in my game, I would probably make lee carry him. Maybe even make a stretcher or something, so he can just relax a bit.

    I wouldnt just leave him. Im no Kenny. Besides, I pushed him off that bridge so I wouldnt feel right about it either.
  • Well, if Christa decides she's not going without Omid, it would be killing all three of them (assuming she's pregnant) if you don't take him. Essentially you are deciding to leave her to the evil people and walkers...she would wind up having to leave him when he died anyway and would then be all alone with a screaming baby.....not good


    You take them both, the lame guy and the pregnant chick. The group moves slower because of the infection, Omid probably turns and has to get killed anyway but maybe he gets a chance to infect another group member *shrugs*. Then Christa has to go into labor and make a lot of noise giving birth...resulting in a screaming baby that the group is saddled with that will alert walkers of your presence.


    Shoot Omid, either let Christa come or let her be pissed off and go on her own. Repeat screaming baby/labor issues if she comes.

    Gee none of it looks good does it?

    I kinda like Christa but if she's pregnant, I say kill them both.
  • Damn, I voted by mistake and I can't change my vote now. It should be "Stay with Omid", not "Leave Omid"
  • @LadyJ
    So you would kill pregnant women before their future babies can cause you problems with the noise they make? :eek: that's rather brutal and short sighted.
    I'd stay and help Omid or carry him as much as I could.If the situation is hopeless I'd prefer to offer him another way out than just abandoning him to a uncertain and,most likely, painful death.
  • know the guy for like 5 mins, havent developed any rapport with either him or chrsta. i'd leave him for sure, and ive been playing a very high moral game
  • what if Omid is a genie, and if you rub his leg he grants you three wishes, what would they be? ;)
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