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Lost 4, gained 3, How many to die/leave next episode?

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With carley/doug, katjaa, and duck dead, and lily leaving, we lost 4 people and gained 3 back with chuck, christa, and omid, so what are the guesses of whose dying or leaving next episode?

alot of bets are on ben being killed, possibly omid with his leg injury being left to die or being killed, christa possibly dies maybe after omid, chuck might leave if the plans not good enough in savanna. Kenny clementine and lee will highly likely survive till next episode.
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  • Ben will get the new 3 killed (again); Kenny will be all 'Lily was right about you'...*blam*
    Ep 5 will be the three of you (Clem, Lee, Kenny) and the kid's mom if she's really alive
    just my personal wish
  • I only see Lee , Kenny and Clem for episode 5 and possibly Chuck. There will probably be an option to leave Omid or not and if you choose to keep him he gets bitten and Christa dies trying to save him and if you leave him you just leave the 2. A different journey same destination choice. Ben will probably do something to redeem himself then die a horrible death (Duck v.2). I think it's a little to late in the season to introduce a new character so I doubt we"ll be seeing any new faces unless they turn out like Mark.
  • Ep 4 predictions

    Omid dies, Christa leaves or stays with an abandoned Omid

    Dark hidden past of Chuck revealed that may or may not kill him

    Ep 5 will only be Lee Clem Kenny and perhaps Chuck

    Ben gets killed by Kenny when he discovers he's was the traitor XD
  • I predict Ben will be killed by Kenny. Since Kenny used a gun to kill Ben, walkers show up and kenny draws them away and dies in a heroic manner under a gaggle of walkers.

    Lee, Clem, Charles, Omid and Christa meet a group of survivors who guide us to a safehouse, via Clem's radio, and patch up Omid. Everyone in this group goes on to e5.

    We also get to see the contest winner get eaten by the other 4 contest winners and then run like hell from them.
  • Let's see here. If they're making episode 4 the most disturbing episode yet, everyone except Lee and Clementine will die.
  • Most will stay, as interaction is what the Walking Dead is about. Leaving only Lee and Clem would destroy the basis of it all... I hope... :( :D
  • It could be like the prison in the comic.

    There's got to be at least one new character, because of that winner. Wonder if they'll join the team for a bit, or just be like that girl we can choose to shoot or not.
  • Everyone dies, even Clem and Lee, episode 5 is being a zombie...
  • I think the entire group will wither away leaving just Lee and Clem.
  • I would love if at some point in the episode 5,there would be only Lee and Clem left,and we would get that awesome scene with Lee holding Clems hand and running in middle of the street full of Walkers. :-)
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