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Aggressive TWD comments on TTG blog in entries for entirely different franchises

posted by RAnthonyMahan on - last edited - Viewed by 9.3K users
Let me just say something first. I love The Walking Dead so far. I think it's the best thing Telltale's done since The Devil's Playhouse, and I'm not complaining about the game itself in any way.

However, it seems like the game is bringing in a lot of people who, what's the nicest way to say this...aren't interested in being part of the community.

You're unhappy with the release schedule? Fine. I admit Telltale needs to communicate stuff like this better myself. But it seems like that's all that's ever discussed anymore. It'd be nice if we could at least keep that stuff contained to a single "release date bitching" thread.

But what really gets me is how the blog posts about the Sam and Max/Monkey Island sales got flooded with comments going "Don't care, where's the next Walking Dead episode?" Maybe it's just because I love Sam and Max and Monkey Island, but that kind of stuff just really rubs me the wrong way.

I mean, let's be fair, everyone's new at first. You don't need to have an in-depth knowledge of Telltale's library to be here (though it helps ;) ). And no, you don't have to care about those games. But keep it to yourself, especially if you're going to use it as an excuse to segue into something completely irrelevant. What would you think if, the next time Telltale did a Walking Dead-related blog post, I went "Don't care, where's Sam and Max Season 4?" Or how about I go into every single thread you make and say "Don't care, go buy my new book?" You'd probably think I was a huge jackass, and you'd be correct. Since apparently apathy needs to be broadcasted, I really don't care that you don't care.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get this off my chest.
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  • Very well said.
  • I didn't realize it was bleeding over into the other forums. It's bad enough here. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just hook up some jumper cables and give the humorless stiffs a little joy buzz (just a little one, I promise!)?
  • I approve this thread! :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The blog comments are a disgrace, but don't see them as representative of the TWD-induced community. These few are mostly people who would never make an effort at being part of this community - people who don't even register, because unfortunately, that is not even necessary to post on the blog. Those who think that getting on everyone's nerves would somehow speed up the development of the episodes.

    But these guys are not the tip of the iceberg, they are the brunt of the unsocial lot. Those who are happy to wait two months for their 4$-15 minute-comic fix, but not even one for a 5$-2 hour game. A minority, I am sure of it. Behind the forum walls, as you can see, things aren't exactly peachy, but at least the moderators can separate complaints from insults and, as is most relevant here, Walking Dead stuff from the other games.

    Telltale has chosen not to make that separation in their blog posts, certainly an admirable anti-censorship effort, but with a potential of inter-community conflict that I personally would not risk. If I could edit blog comments, I'd certainly unpack the axe, I can tell you. Right now, those few purposefully disruptive commenters risk that the old ToMI/S&M community mistakes their behavior for that of any Walking Dead fan, which would, among other things, lead to stark opposition to a second Season.

    I see very few of the old crew in the TWD subforums, and that hurts. I concede there's a definite old TTG fanbase - new TTG fanbase hostility going on, which just has to stop.
  • The Walking Dead was the reason I joined the forums,I haven't played Sam and Max but I enjoyed Monkey Island.
    I was taught patience and good things come to those who wait by my parents.I enjoy the episodic nature of these games, especially since I haven't bought a game since May and probably will only buy Assassin's creed 3 before the year's end.

    I don't really care that it takes two instead of one month to finish because I know that I will get what I paid for.People have a right complain if they want, but people tend to be rude assholes about it in most situations. I belive in treating people as I would hope to be treated by them.I'm SO glad that I don't have to deal with the general public in my job.
    This generation seems to be all now,now,now and me,me,me.
    Damn,I'm turning into my grandfather :eek:
  • FarmerJoe;681419 said:
    This generation seems to be all now,now,now and me,me,me.
    Instant gratification.

    It is bigger than just this game, that's the consumer culture. I am sure all of us are like that with certain things. Some of us can just hold our patience better than others with this particular thing.
  • RAnthonyMahan, is the Devil's Playground good? I haven't played it yet. What's the plot, or theme about? I loved BTTF as well as The Walking Dead. They are well thought out, and thankfully The Walking Dead is not solely focused on the zombie aspect. I love when games focus more on a psychological aspect, and love even more that it is a social experiment. More games should be.
  • Invictus_80;681430 said: the Devil's Playground good? I haven't played it yet.
    I'm guessing you're not familiar with Sam & Max. The Devil's Playground is AWESOME. Check out some Youtube walkthroughs to get a feel.
    Vainamoinen;681416 said:
    I see very few of the old crew in the TWD subforums, and that hurts. I concede there's a definite old TTG fanbase - new TTG fanbase hostility going on, which just has to stop.
    That's a shame. I may be relatively new to the forum, but I've been a Telltale customer for much longer (I have my Sam & Max Surfin' print framed on my office wall).
  • Honestly, this happens when any game goes mainstream. Sam and max and the monkey island series didn't get the attention TWD did. Im telling you one thing tho, Telltale loves new people to join the community no matter who they are because it boosts sales. And about community members complaining about release dates thats highly understandable. Telltale created a criteria it didn't follow. (1-month release) The fact is this is society and if you can't simply ignore what you dislike about these forums then boooo hooo Telltale still won't cater to your wants and needs.
  • i think going onto other forums, endlessly posting new threads and general trolling is wrong, but genuine complaints and criticism should be welcomed, especially because we are the consumers and we have paid/will pay for the product
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