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Aggressive TWD comments on TTG blog in entries for entirely different franchises

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Let me just say something first. I love The Walking Dead so far. I think it's the best thing Telltale's done since The Devil's Playhouse, and I'm not complaining about the game itself in any way.

However, it seems like the game is bringing in a lot of people who, what's the nicest way to say this...aren't interested in being part of the community.

You're unhappy with the release schedule? Fine. I admit Telltale needs to communicate stuff like this better myself. But it seems like that's all that's ever discussed anymore. It'd be nice if we could at least keep that stuff contained to a single "release date bitching" thread.

But what really gets me is how the blog posts about the Sam and Max/Monkey Island sales got flooded with comments going "Don't care, where's the next Walking Dead episode?" Maybe it's just because I love Sam and Max and Monkey Island, but that kind of stuff just really rubs me the wrong way.

I mean, let's be fair, everyone's new at first. You don't need to have an in-depth knowledge of Telltale's library to be here (though it helps ;) ). And no, you don't have to care about those games. But keep it to yourself, especially if you're going to use it as an excuse to segue into something completely irrelevant. What would you think if, the next time Telltale did a Walking Dead-related blog post, I went "Don't care, where's Sam and Max Season 4?" Or how about I go into every single thread you make and say "Don't care, go buy my new book?" You'd probably think I was a huge jackass, and you'd be correct. Since apparently apathy needs to be broadcasted, I really don't care that you don't care.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get this off my chest.
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  • Is it okay to complain about the Corrupted Save Data issues plaguing the PS3game?!! I've already invested easily over 25 hours replaying the game because of it.

    It appears that the corrupt data save glitch triggers upon playing the latest Episode (Episode 2 or 3) on the 3rd Save Slot. It happens either before the 1st Chapter of the episode even starts, or during, but it happens. I Thought the latest patch fixed the problem (since I was able to finally complete Episode 2 on all 3 Save Slots), but apparently not, since all my saves got wiped clean upon playing Episode 3 on the 3rd Save Slot.

    I'm excited about Episode 4, but not about trying to recapture previous playthrough choices by replaying all Episodes over again differently. There's no excuse for it. That's the way I see Telltale shitting on their new fans.
  • I'd like to say that I'm new here, and that I'm here for the Walking Dead and the Walking Dead only.

    I'm not an adventure gamer.... at least not this kind of adventure gaming. At All.

    And the chances of me deviating into some of TTG's other works are probably slim, though I'll never say impossible. I did get into Minecraft recently, a game I avoided like the plague for the longest time... so you never know.

    That said, I think people (read: NEW PEOPLE) need to realize that they are guests here and act accordingly. Bitching, whining, ranting and making general asses of themselves about this and that (as stated by the op and I feel no need to copy him) is counterproductive and these people should really take a step back and stop acting like entitled hyperactive children.

    It's embarrassing, annoying to those of us who are new here and want a new place to post, and most importantly.... will not get you what you want, nor make anyone take your mindlessly repetitive crying seriously.
  • I've been registered for a long time (circa Sam and Max season 1, I think), but I only joined to talk about Walking Dead. When the series ends I'll probably go on to the Monkey Island and Sam and Max forums.
  • Came here for the walking dead only so i cant really comment on the fanbase before but i agree people need to grow up when their favourite character is killed or when TT has to take a little longer to finish an episode.
  • Being this is my first game from TT I am really enjoying the story driven dynamics of this game. I like how its more immersive than other ZA games. Yes the Walking Dead is the reason I bought the game from TT but that doesnt mean I wont give their other games a try. I think this generation of young people *14-24 years old I dare say* these days expect instant gratification right away. They have no understanding of patience and the virtues of waiting for something good. *And yes I am 21 years old*
  • I'm sorry you feel that way OP. Outside of, I usually avoid forums. Being a huge Walking Dead fan I figured I'd give this place a try after episode 1. I'm pretty glad I did though, I've been able to read and take part in some fun discussions in here.

    I raised my own concerns about the release dates while waiting for episode 2, but after playing it I was content to wait. I've enjoyed their story and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. Hopefully folks will mellow out a bit as the season progresses.
  • ^ + 2 internets for bringing some measured reason to the discussion. +1 more for your Lamb's Bread-invoking handle. The two may be related; perhaps some of the unhappy new forumites should share your hobby.

    EDIT: I forgot to thank OP for the thread title. It has inspired me to find ways to work "shitting up" into future conversation.
  • The last time I shit up, I got poop in my eye.
  • I've been a Telltale customer for a while but only active on the forums since TWD. However, I hope we can all find a way to be cooperative and agreeable on this site. Yes people may address complaints (we all have), but it has to be a productive criticism where it leads to suggestions for improvement and not "you guys suck and we hate you." As long as Telltale is receptive to this (which they have been for a lot of things), then I think we can be more reasonable in our postings.

    And as much as I may occasionally gripe on the choice system, ultimately no game is truly a choice driven game. You have limited options as it is without budget constraints so you will have to accept that sometimes the choices do not always yield wildly different results. Mass Effect had quite a few choices, but a lot of them didn't do squat to change the main plot. They just altered peripheral elements and side plots. Other than that, things in the main plot were pretty clearly defined if only slightly changed in tone. You still did the suicide mission in the same order, you still fought Saren, you still reached a specific sequence of events in the end of each game, etc. Not to diss Mass Effect at all (except for ME3's ending), but it's just the truth about the relative infancy of gaming. It is still restricted to programming and coding, no matter how much choice it claims to offer.
  • RAnthonyMahan;681386 said:

    What really gets me is how the blog posts about the Sam and Max/Monkey Island sales got flooded with comments going "Don't care, where's the next Walking Dead episode?"
    lmao! omg my stomach hurts. I can't stop laughing.
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