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Telltale Crossed The Line

posted by Red Panda on - last edited - Viewed by 4.1K users
Is there are anything TTG can do that will make you quit playing?

A lot of people said they're done after Carley was killed. We'll see. Is there anything they can do, of have done, that will have you calling it quits?

For me, if they kill Clem in episode 4 I would not buy episode 5. They would have killed off the last fuck I gave.

I would just move on after that. I wouldn't even be a little curious what happened next.
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  • Kill Lee and Clem in episode 5, probably might stop playing the game.
  • LadyJ;681844 said:
    It looks like Cyreen and I actually agree on something :eek:
    I said it with the understanding that it will NEVER happen, why? Because she's ROADKILL.
    Vainamoinen;681872 said:
    I wonder why the comics do not give rise to such protests.
    Does Kirkman have a personal public forum?
    Master of Aeons;681902 said:
    It's signed Steven Yuen.
    LOL ~ that is awesome!
  • Bring back Carley in the end of the Episode 5 like "OMG SHE'S ALIVE". Then she save Clementine from die and Lee die in an epic moment, they kiss each other and end of season 1.

    That would make my day.
  • Oh yeah, she's gonna be downright sexy with half her face gone. Come here baby, give us a kiss!

  • image

    Honey. You got real ugly.
  • Less soppy romances and more killing and gruesome deaths!!!
    The former is possible in real life, I play games to enjoy the latter without creating trouble for myself... Bring it on Telltale!!! :p
  • Vainamoinen;681872 said:
    I wonder why the comics do not give rise to such protests. Kirkman has been doing the exact same thing for a fucking decade now. Children killed, babies and mothers killed, suicides, prolonged rape, massive torture. I can absolutely understand why people would call it quits with Clementine's death - and I probably personally would as well - yet why is Kirkman "allowed" to and even praised for breaking those taboos while Telltale is continuously bashed for it? Is that some kind of double standard for the Walking Dead fans?

    Of course they'll cross the line. The original comics series has crossed so many, it's hard to even think of another line it could cross!
    I didn't have a problem with them killing off Carley and Doug, I had a problem with them dying in the same way.
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