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“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)

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This is a crossover fanfic with the “Walking Dead” game and “We're Alive” a podcast show. Those who are not familiar with We’re Alive, it is more like survivors battling the monsters from 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead than facing the undead in a typical zombie apocalypse movie.

Unfortunately, the characters from We’re Alive are all situated in Los Angeles and I had to move them into Georgia to make this work.

And yes, Carley survives the gunshot in this one. If you don’t like it then write your own story. :p

FF.Net Link: Last Survivors

Feedback is needed. ;)

Chapter One: Wounds

"She... She.... She's dead! Why did she shoot her?"

"Get in! We're leaving this crazy bitch."


"Lee, she's gone. You heard Ben, you can't help her. Get in or do I have to drag you!"


She woke as if coming out of a deep sleep to find herself face down in the dirt.

What happened?

Almost immediately she felt a painful burning sensation in her left cheek and eye. Her head started to throb as she tried to move her limbs.

Shit. I feel like crap. What happened?

Slowly she pushed herself up and that's when she noticed something else was wrong. She couldn't see out of her left eye. It was night but the moon and stars were out and giving off enough light to see out of her right eye but something was wrong with her left.

Fighting down her panic, she reached up and touched the left side of her face. When she pulled her hand back she found it to be covered in blood. Almost shaking in fear now, she looked around to find herself on the side of a long stretch of a road, lined with trees on either side.

How did I get here?

Then she heard them, the slow shuffling of feet through piles of fallen leaves and the bone chilling constant low moaning. Like right out of a foreboding bad dream, three walkers emerged out from the shadows of the trees, heading straight towards her.

Carley rose to her feet to flee but she almost blacked out from the effort. The sudden movement caused new pain to surged through her head, making it feel like it was about to split open.

The walkers closed in on their new prey.

No, get up and move!

Through sheer will and much fear for her life, Carley started to run as best as she could but her aching head made it almost impossible and for some reason her body had so little strength to give. At most, all she could manage was a fast walk down the road. Carley fumbled inside her coat for her gun but came up empty. The situation was growing from bad to worse.

I'm injured, most likely seriously, no weapon and being chased by walkers. Which one will do me in first?

Looking behind, one of the three walkers was actually gaining on her. Carley tried to move faster but every step felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to her already throbbing head.

The fast walker behind her sounded so close now that she didn't dare look back. Exhaustion was overtaking her and Carley started to cry from her good eye. Maybe it would be better to stop running and let it end now than drag this out needlessly.

Then there was a light from behind and the sound of an engine. A vehicle was approaching and it filled Carley with unexpected hope to keep moving. The vehicle was loud as it sped up and swerved around them to pass on her left. Carley looked and her jaw dropped. It was a humvee! An honestly to goodness US military humvee.

Still trying to keep ahead of the pursuing walkers, Carley tried to wave and call to them but she couldn’t catch her breath to shout. Worse, probably in her condition and in the dark they might think she was a walker too. Even in the gloom of night, she could see faces inside the vehicle windows looking out but they were already passing to accelerate away.

With all she had left, Carley finally screamed out. "PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

This caused her head ache even more but it made the humvee screeched to a halt about fifty feet ahead of her. The front side passenger door flew open and a man jumped out. It was too dark to make out his face but the outline of his body showed that he was dressed head to toe in full military combat gear. In his hands, he cradled an assault rifle. At that moment he was the most beautiful sight in the world to Carley.

He took a step towards her as he brought his weapon up. "If you are living, GET DOWN!" The man barked.

Carley almost nodded as she dropped to the hard pavement. An instant later, she heard three loud cracks from his discharging weapon. When her ears stopped ringing seconds later, the moaning of the walkers that had been dogging her from behind had been permanently silenced. Still on her hands and knees and gasping for breath, Carley couldn't stop shaking, unable to believe she was rescued. She then heard more voices coming from the vehicle.

"Watch the tree line!" A powerful and rough older voice commanded. "But shoot only if you have to!"

"I got it!" A much youthful male voice answered back.

Carley then heard people approaching. Lifting her head, she saw the soldier and next to him a woman in plain civilian clothing hurrying to her with flashlights. When they reached her, they shined their lights right into Carley's face, nearly blinding her. Her two would be rescuers actually paused in shock which scared Carley.

How bad are my injuries?

For a moment she feared they would turn around and abandon her.

"Please, don't leave me." Her plead was feeble and weak but she nearly at the end of her rope, her strength fading and she was terrified of dying out here alone.

The woman snapped out of it first and spoke with a gentle French accent. "We won’t." She knelt down next to her, taking Carley's hand into hers before turning to the soldier. "Angel, help me."

However, the soldier still hesitated before kneeling down before Carley, studying her damaged face with his flashlight.

“Wait.” He was more professional sounding and asked Carley direct. “Were you bitten?”

“I don’t know…” Carley muttered. She couldn’t remember what happened to her, her headache was getting even worse. “I was with a group at this motel and we were attacked by bandits. We escaped but… everything is a blank after that. Help me… please… please…”

Angel nodded and looked to the French woman. “Riley, this looks like a messy gunshot wound and not a bite. Let’s chance it.”

I was shot? I need a mirror to see how bad it is.

From the humvee, the young voice called to them. "I would hurry you two! We're doubled park and I'm seeing a ton of movement in the trees!"

Riley and Angel each took an arm and helped Carley to their vehicle and quickly placed her in the back. All the way to the humvee, Carley was almost delirious with gratitude, thanking them over and over. She wanted to kiss them.

Inside, Carley collapsed into her seat in a mixture of relief and exhaustion as the French woman took her place next to her on her right. To Carley’s left a large and older man with no hair and a grey beard, dressed in civilian cloths climbed in.

To the front, Angel hurried around into the passenger seat as the driver slide back behind the wheel pulling a pair of night vision goggles from his face. He turned back to them and he was a young black man, dressed in full combat gear like Angel.

"How is our..." He stopped when he looked at Carley and saw her face and nearly exclaimed. “Holy... Is she going to be all right?”

Carley could barely keep her good eye open now. On second thought, I don’t want that mirror.

"Just drive Saul." The French woman said urgently, as she reached in the back compartment for the first aid kit. “Burt, help me dress her wound.”

The older man leaned in closer to help Riley tend to Carley’s damaged face before saying in a gruff voice. “Radio ahead and warn them we have wounded coming in.”

“I’m already on it.” Angel said.

The humvee pulled away as dozens of walkers piled out onto the road from the forest. They mindlessly tried to follow the military vehicle as its taillights grew smaller into the night before disappearing around a bend in the road.

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  • great story!
    Waiting for the next chapter.: D: D
  • A little bit The Walking Dead, a little bit Battlestar Galactica, a generous dash of We're Alive... am I missing anything? :)
  • Cyreen;680736 said:
    A little bit The Walking Dead, a little bit Battlestar Galactica, a generous dash of We're Alive... am I missing anything? :)
    Fusing battlestar galactica with anything makes me depressed for what the director of that show did to my stargate...
  • Chapter Four: Mayday

    Lying on her back, Carley nervously held the sharp metal rod in her hand.

    This feels like a dumb idea, she thought to herself. On a scale from one to ten, this has to be an eight. A ten would be trying to high-five a walker.

    Carefully, she placed the tip against the metal surface above her head. In her other hand she held a hammer. Slowly, she prepared to strike the end of the rod to drive it home when she stopped.

    “Are you absolutely sure this is safe?” An anxious Carley asked Burt and Saul who were watching her.

    She was under an abandoned SUV, ready to drain its gas tank by hammering a hole in it. The two men were kneeling down to watch and help talk her through it.

    “Like I told you, the rod you are using is made of brass and it will not create a spark.” Burt assured her. “Trust me, it’s faster than siphoning it out with a rubber hose and this allows us to get every drop.”

    Carley still hesitated. “And you have done this before?”

    “Hundreds of times with no problem,” Burt said with all seriousness. “Except for that one incident when I lost my hair.”

    “Burt, you are very close to my feet,” Carley warned with a deadly one eyed glare. “And I will not hesitate to kick you!”

    “Geez! Relax Rooster!” He chuckled. “You have no sense of humor.”

    “Stop teasing her,” Saul finally said. “It’s safe Carley. Just give it one quick blow. Just make sure to not get any gas on your clothes.”

    With great reluctance, Carley placed the pointed tip of the rod against the gas tank over her head again. Then with a quick, short swing, she whacked the end with the hammer but it failed to pierce the metal surface.

    “Just a little harder than that,” Burt told her. “It won’t bite.”

    “No, but it might burst into flames.” Carley grumbled as she struck it again. The sharpened rod dented the metal of the tank even more but still didn’t penetrate.

    “Come on,” Saul urged her. “Show us those muscles.”

    One last hit finally drove the brass rod through the bottom of the tank.

    “You got it,” Burt said. “Now quickly slide the container under it before pulling the rod free.”

    Carley followed his instructions and when she pulled the rod free, gasoline quickly started to empty into the container.

    That was easy and no flames or explosions.

    Smiling, she crawled back out from underneath the SUV and stood up with a helping hand from Burt.

    “How many more do we need?” She asked.

    “If we can fill up five gas cans, we’ll be good to go.” Saul said.

    Carley looked pass the SUV to the long line of abandoned cars, locked in a traffic jam that stretched on for miles. This place has become an easy source of canned goods and fuel for them to pick over. The only danger is to avoid being taken by surprise of any large packs of walkers wandering along. Just twenty feet away, Michael stood on the roof of their humvee on the lookout to avoid any such incidents.

    “All of them were trying to flee to Atlanta.” Carley said. “Trying to get somewhere safe.”

    “Like getting there would have been any better,” Saul replied. “Before the official channels went dead, the last communication we received was that the city became infested. It sounded like hell on earth, literally one half of Atlanta was eating the other half. Finally, someone gave the order for the air force to bomb it.”

    This was first time Carley had heard of this and she was horrified. “Bomb Atlanta?”

    Saul nodded his head. “Everyone was panicking by then, including our leaders. That’s when we knew we just hit rock bottom and with communications cut off we were on our own. We tried our best to save anyone we could and simply get through this,” Then he gestured towards the abandoned vehicles. “Come on, let’s gather up what we can and get out of here.”

    About an hour later, they had managed to scrounge up the needed five cans of gasoline. Along with that, they collected several boxes of canned food and even some guns and ammo, almost filling the back of the humvee to the roof.

    Carley was taking a turn on lookout duty as Michael loaded the last of the supplies in the back. She glanced down at him from the roof of the vehicle.

    Now is a good time as any. Carley thought.

    “Michael, I know I asked this many times…” She started to say.

    He stopped and looked up. Michael knew what she was going to ask and it was starting to annoy him but he had to credit Carley for her determination.

    “And my answer is still no. I’m sorry but Savannah is too risky. I know they’re your friends but I can’t risk my people to help yours, not without more information as to what happened to them. You don‘t even remember what happened to yourself.”

    “And I understand but I have another proposal. Let’s try Macon, its closer and I know the place to try to look for them.”

    “The motel?”

    Carley nodded. “If something went wrong, they would have gone back there and it might be worth your time. We have our own supplies, including fuel and weapons if it’s still there.”

    “It’s still about 70 miles.”


    Michael paused. “Okay, just give me a day to think about it.”

    “Thank you.” Carley said just as Saul and Burt returned with the last of supplies they had gathered.

    “Get a load of what I found,” Saul reached into the box he was carrying and pulled out a tiny package. “Twinkies! And just not any Twinkies but the last Twinkies that anyone will enjoy in the whole universe.”

    “They must be how many months old and sitting in a hot car just baking,” Carley winced in disgust. “And you want to share?”

    “Oh, come on,” Saul said. “Remember Zombieland with Woody Harrelson when his character delivers that line; ‘There's a box of Twinkies in that grocery store. Not just any box of Twinkies, the last box of Twinkies that anyone will enjoy in the whole universe. Believe it or not, Twinkies have an expiration date’ … And you guys really have no clue as to what I am talking about.”

    “Zombieland?” Burt laughed. “Never heard of it but let me guess, did it have zombies in it?”

    “I think I was in a place called Iraq at the time.” Michael commented. “Didn’t see it either.”

    “I hate Twinkies and junk food in general,” Carley said before taking one last look around to make sure no walkers were about before hopping down from the roof. “And guess what, I also hate horror movies and now I’m living in one. How ironic is that?”

    “I’m willing to bet at least you are no longer afraid of spiders.” Burt mused aloud.

    Carley just looked at him before grinning. “Yes and now it’s replaced with punching holes in gas tanks.”

    Her joke immediately earned a good laugh from the old marine when suddenly from inside their humvee, their radio came to life as a panicked male voice was heard.

    “Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is Atlanta news copter, is anyone out there? Mayday, mayday, mayday!”

    “Holy shit!” Saul exclaimed, shocked to hear another human voice on the radio that wasn’t from their group.

    Michael quickly ran and opened the door to the vehicle and grabbed the radio mike and spoke calmly into it, taking the risk of using his rank and name.

    “This is Sergeant Cross. We read you. Can you give us your location?”

    For a moment there was silence then the voice returned in guarded relief. “We’re south of some town… We’re checking the map… It’s Woodbury. We’re losing oil pressure fast! I have to put her down soon. Can you help us, Sergeant Cross?”

    “Woodbury,” Saul thought, remembering it’s location from memory. “That’s about a 20 minute drive if none of the roads are blocked. We never explored that area before.”

    “We have to try and help them,” Michael said before speaking into the radio mike again. “Atlanta copter, we read you and we’re on our way. It’s going to take us at least 20 minutes to reach you and it’s vital you have something that can signal us. An emergency hand radio, some flares, or even smoke signals if you have to.”

    “Understood and thank you Sergeant Cross.”

    “And remember, you’re probably going to have company when you’re back on the ground. Just run and climb onto something high and solid to get out of their reach but try to stay close to the crash site.”

    “You don’t have to tell us twice… Shit! Engine is failing… Going down… We’re coming down along Highway 85... About ten miles south of Woodbury… Trees! Everyone brace!!! Fuck… “

    Then the radio transmission went dead.

    “Atlanta copter, are you still there?” Michael called but he received nothing but static. “Atlanta copter, do you read?”

    “We will be wasting a lot of fuel searching for them.” Burt said. “Surviving a helicopter crash is dicey enough without the threat of walkers waiting for you as you crawl your way out of the wreckage.”

    “I know.” Michael considered for a moment. “But we’re going to give them a chance and find them.”

    They loaded up the rest of the supplies and radioed the Nest about their unexpected detour north before setting off towards Woodbury. Along the way, twice they had to backtrack to find another route because of blocked roads . Burt wasn’t happy about the amount of fuel they were using in trying to find the helicopter but Michael was behind the wheel and he wasn’t planning to give up on them.

    Saul was still checking the map when they finally got on Highway 85 which would take them directly to Woodbury. All the way it was more of the same, rows of abandoned cars and sheer desolation of entire communities. If there were other survivors, then they’re in hiding. Nothing else was moving except for walkers. The ones on the road were easy to maneuver around them but a few times the narrow roads forced Michael to run them over.

    By now, Burt was voicing his concerns about the real possibly of breaking down out there and being out of range with their CBs when in the front passenger seat, Carley spotted something to her right. A very faint trail of smoke rising amongst some trees

    “I think I see something.”

    Just a half of a mile off Highway 85, almost concealed in a group of trees was the helicopter. Michael steered the humvee and went off the road to make their way to it. As they got closer, they could see the helicopter was a complete write off but the pilot and crew section looked mostly intact.

    Michael stopped the humvee about sixty feet away and no walkers were in sight for the moment. With weapons ready, they exited the vehicle and slowly approached the wreck.

    “Definitely an Atlanta news copter and the engine is still smoking,” Carley observed. “This has to be it.”

    “No bodies,” Saul commented as they drew closer. “In another time and world, that would be considered a good sign.”

    “Well, lets get this over with,” Burt muttered before shouting out in every direction. “Hello! We’re here to save your sorry asses! Come on out!”

    Michael stared at the former marine saying in a very dry tone. “Thank you Burt.”

    “Just trying to move things along,” Burt replied. “If they’re alive they should be answering.”

    Saul moved around the copter and stared at the ground. “I have a lot of foot prints here!” The rest of them joined him as he inspected the direction of the tracks in the soft ground. “A set of tracks came from the north and probably took the survivors. If they went willingly, I can‘t say.”

    “So are we going after them?” Carley asked.

    “I don’t like this,” Burt said. “We have no idea what we‘re getting ourselves into.”

    “We just might have found another group of survivors.” Saul said. “It’s worth investigating.”

    “They could be bandits for all we know.” Burt replied. “I say we head back while we can.”

    Michael was still studying the tracks around the copter, debating whether to follow them or not when he noticed something else.

    “There are another set of tracks over here,” he pointed out to the others. “Three people came from the east and it looks like they followed the group that came from the north.”

    “Another group of survivors?” Carley said hopefully. It was comforting to know that they were not the last people on earth. “What should we do?”

    At that very same moment, they were all being watched unknowingly from a hill top just a few hundred yards away. Three figures were huddled behind some bushes.

    The leader of the small group lowered a pair of binoculars down from his face. “The Governor was right, that helicopter crash is pulling every living person in for miles. We have two heavily armed soldiers with two civilians in tow, some old guy and a woman with an eye patch and both of them are armed too.”

    “Fuck, anyone can put on a uniform and helmet and look the part. That‘s doesn‘t mean anything,” A second man commented before pointing to the brunette woman next to them. “Give the binoculars to her. She claims to be military. She might spot something amiss if they‘re fakes.”

    The leader passed the binoculars to the brunette who then took them to study Michael’s group.

    “Their gear looks real, including their weapons, helmets and ballistic vests.” She informed them. “Right down to the way they‘re wearing their equipment, military patches and even how they move‘”

    She then looked over the two civilians with them. She saw the huge older man was holding a Desert Eagle pistol and the woman was carrying a Glock but she was looking in the other direction, keeping her face from view. Giving up, the brunette turned her binoculars to inspect their ride.

    “Their vehicle is not a civilian hummer. That’s definitely a military up armored humvee.” She told them. “We’ll need explosives if we have to stop it.”

    The second man shook his head at the unwelcomed news. “Are you sure Lilly?”

    “Positive.” Lilly looked at them. “Just because I was an air force mechanic doesn’t mean I was limited to just fixing planes.”

    “Well, that doesn’t change anything.“ the leader said. “The Governor is interested in anyone else who comes to investigate the crash site and to determine if they‘re a threat. We have to try everything possible to get them to come back to Woodbury with us.”

    Lilly looked doubtful. “Terry, it might be wise if we let this group pass. If they are hostile, it‘ll be for the best if they don‘t know about us.”

    “We already had three people appearing at our doorstep not long ago and the Governor wants information on anyone else who shows up,” Terry said firmly. “He won’t be happy if we just let them go. We’ll just approach them and act all friendly. No doubt they’ll be curious about us too, then we can use that to lure them back with us. It’s risky but it’s not like one of them is going to shoot you just on the spot Lilly.”

    Next Chapter: Crossfire
  • Ooh tension! *DA-DA, DAAA!*
  • Great chapter! Very unexpected turn of events.
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