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I want to buy this game, but...

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I'm concerned about all the crap I'm hearing about bugs. I'm making this thread as an added comment to TellTale games, asking them to please fix this game. I won't spend money if the game doesn't work properly. I don't want random choices, I want my own to continue on. Otherwise there's no point in making choices at all. And disappearing saves? Come on.

Assuming I did want to waste my money I wouldn't even know which platform is the safest bet, they all seem to have critical issues. Please for the love of god fix this game so I can buy it.

To the users: How prevalent are these issues? Every single player? Only a few? Any specific triggers? I've been watching a let's play on it (shout to Pewdie!) and really like the story driven gameplay. But the things I'm hearing aren't very hopeful.:(
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  • i have the steam version and it has been fine for me, the ps3 seems to have some save issues from what i have heard, and i think there are some issues with the pc if you use an xbox 360 pad, but i would recommend buying the steam version as it is auto updated and you get the season pass and from my experience the worst "bug" is the odd model/texture being invisible for a little while, but no game breakers
  • I've clocked just under 50 hours on this game on the PC and the worst bug I've ever encountered was a character disappearing for a brief scene or two (which admittedly added quite a comedic aura to the scene in question).

    I understand that there seems to be quite a few hefty bugs as well, but they're not insurmountable and not everyone has encountered them. It's like any game though. There's a chance you'll encounter a bug, sure, but there's also a good chance you won't.

    In my opinion, the game is definitely worth getting in either case.
  • The biggest bug I have run into was a failure to carry my choices from episode 1 to 2. I found a fix for it on the forums though, and I havent had that problem since. Also, I ran into the one where a character vanished. Somewhat comedic, but for the tragic mood.
  • I haven't had a single problem aside from a bit of clipping, although on another computer my girlfriend lost her saves for a bit. It was a pretty easy fix. Despite that, I understand your hesitation. There's a low percentage of errors, and each one has been documented and accounted for - each one of them are here on the forums picketing. At least you won't be alone.
  • I run on PC through Steam and haven't had a single problem, other than a missing Duck and an extra gun.
  • Ive been playing on my xbox and have had no problems except for that one glitch on the train. Otherwise, smooth sailing.
  • I've played a Steam version on 2 PCs:
    - Windows 7 64 bit - had problems with disappearing saves and decision transfer between episodes - it seems that the game writes data to the registry in the wrong place on 64-bit systems. After I had applied some fixes found in the Internet, it started to work properly.
    - Windows Vista 32 bit - everything ok.
  • I played a stream version on my PC. I am using Win7 and I don't get any problem it was working great.
  • i play on xbox and never had a problem with all 3 episodes you should get the game you wont be disappointed :D
  • I bought it on PS3 after Ep 3 came out, but I hope I don't experience any bugs when Ep 4 rolls over.

    Cmon TellTale, take some time and fix any PS3 save wiping glitch :D
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