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Telltale Crossed The Line

posted by Red Panda on - last edited - Viewed by 4.1K users
Is there are anything TTG can do that will make you quit playing?

A lot of people said they're done after Carley was killed. We'll see. Is there anything they can do, of have done, that will have you calling it quits?

For me, if they kill Clem in episode 4 I would not buy episode 5. They would have killed off the last fuck I gave.

I would just move on after that. I wouldn't even be a little curious what happened next.
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  • Vainamoinen;682242 said:
    The Walking Dead comic customers seem to be fairly content with a decade long storyline that follows a boring new guys arrive/someone gets killed repetition without any ending in sight. Or at least "got used to it".
    The eighties and nineties marvel comics were fairly repetitious and people kept buying them.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    CTCCoco;682379 said:
    this is full of spoilers about the comic
    It's the spoiler forum. Although there could still be some warning about it when non-game material is concerned...
  • thestalkinghead;682004 said:
    the biggest difference between the comics/tv show and the game is that in a comic or tv show we are passive observers that try to empathise with the characters in a story we have no control over, in a game we are active participants that SHOULD have some control over what happens, it make us feel responsible for what happens, but a comic or tv show we don't feel responsible we just feel sad that they made bad decisions
    i said this a while back
    Marleysativa;682013 said:
    Edit: They need to fit a Bruce Campbell type character in this series eventually, haha.
    since 'zombie culture' doesn't exist, bruce would have to play an out of work actor/alcoholic lol
  • Vainamoinen;681872 said:
    I wonder why the comics do not give rise to such protests. Kirkman has been doing the exact same thing for a fucking decade now. Children killed, babies and mothers killed, suicides, prolonged rape, massive torture. I can absolutely understand why people would call it quits with Clementine's death - and I probably personally would as well - yet why is Kirkman "allowed" to and even praised for breaking those taboos while Telltale is continuously bashed for it? Is that some kind of double standard for the Walking Dead fans?

    Of course they'll cross the line. The original comics series has crossed so many, it's hard to even think of another line it could cross!
    I'd guess thats because people don't find the comic books in the stores or don't even know TWD started as a comic before the show and the game
  • Milosuperspesh;682859 said:
    i said this a while back

    since 'zombie culture' doesn't exist, bruce would have to play an out of work actor/alcoholic lol
    Soooooo..... his role in "My name is Bruce" then?
  • Milosuperspesh;682859 said:
    i said this a while back

    since 'zombie culture' doesn't exist, bruce would have to play an out of work actor/alcoholic lol
    Not gonna lie Milo, I'd squeal like a little girl if he ever ended up making Bill Murray/Zombieland cameo (I'm aware that this will never happen :(). Evil Dead 2 was one of my favorite movies of all time.
  • Marleysativa;683120 said:
    I'd squeal like a little girl
    I think that might wreck the mood they're aiming for. :p
  • TTG is pretty good at reading their statistics and seeing what the players want. If you think about everyone you've hated or been annoyed with in the game they've been killed off. So with that being said, I hope Ben dies by my hands next. He was the newest of the group (Before Chuck, Christa, and Omin or whatever his name is) and he has caused drama and death because he thought they had his friend...Risk everyone else lives just for something he isn't even sure about. Also he's just a straight up pussy about everything with annoying voice cracks.

    When you can threaten him on the train I really wished Lee would just actually push him off. I would rather be given the option by episode 5 to kill him off but if he's not I'll still keep playing because either way it's a fun game and I wouldn't stop because someone is killed off or is left alive that isn't liked.
  • well he could play him self capn ;)

    or he could just do a characture of him self who isn't called bruce ;)

    i've got a bit of a man crush on bruce mainly cos of his awesomeness in burn notice ;)

    actually haven't watched bruce's zombie films...
  • There will be a joke about bruce at some point. Possibly a Chainsaw is found and Lee wonders what kind of idiot would lug around a Chainsaw in a time like this
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