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TWD: Serious glitch, can't finish episode 2 and start episode 3

posted by roo2d2 on - last edited - Viewed by 485 users
Any time I try to finish episode 2 on my xbox360 the game freezes at the stats screen before the credits roll. If I then try to start episode 3 it puts me all the way back to the start of episode 1. I've tried to finish episode 2 numerous times and I even started from the very start again and it still freezes in the same spot. It's a great game but this is seriously wrecking my head as all i want to do is play episode 3!!
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  • I also am having this exact problem. I have played it 3 times now all the way to this point and it freezes up all 3 times right at the stats screen. I restarted my Xbox and reloaded the game only to find my saved game gone...

    Not too happy with this and refuse to play it no matter how much I enjoyed it up to this point. I purchased episode 3 and cannot even play it.
  • I said I would give it one last go so I deleted my save file and tried the whole fucking game again and it still happened. Works perfectly on my brothers profiles, its only my one that there's problems. Fuck this game!
  • After taking a few weeks away from this game, I decided to give it one last go. I created a new gamer profile on my Xbox and played the game from the very beginning of Episode One to the end of Episode Two. I sat thru the camcorder video at the end. Hid my eyes during the teaser trailer for Episode Three. After waiting what seemed a lifetime, BAM! I got the stats screen loaded up!

    This would be my suggestion. Try making a new profile on your system and try it again.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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