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What is your favourite video game character and why?

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I didn't know should I start this in "forum games" section or here. So I started it here, in "general chat" because we will be generally chatting about video game people. What do you have to do? Exactly what the title says. So basically you tell the name of the character, video game in which he or she appears, and say why is he or she your favourite. I hope this thread will live :D

My favourite video game character is Shadow, from the Sonic game series. Because he is really cool. And I like when Rouge teases him xD

Now you. :p
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  • der_ketzer;655490 said:
    This might be a strange choice but I really like Rosangela Blackwell. She is just as socially awkward as me but can also open up to others if they are taking the first step.
    She's also in my top 10, but nothing can beat Yoshi in my list. Actually, so far, I only have a real top 3, which has Yoshi, Samus and Mona in that order. But yeah, Rosangela has been in my top list since I first played a Blackwell game.

    So, let's just list some characters I love and / or adore and why, aside from the first three being in no particular order.

    I just love Yoshi. Don't know why. He's cute and helpful, a kind of character I wish was a Pokémon. Yoshi is kind of like a dog, except he's not a dog, which is good, since I don't like dogs (which is ironic, considering K. K. Slider is also in my top list). I mean I suck at playing with Yoshi, but I can't help but pick him always in Super Smash Bros. and any other game.

    For starters, thanks to my knowledge of video games and especially her I actually won a game. Sure, it's the Metroid Prime Trilogy, but still. And I just think she has an intriguing backstory. She's strong, but also vulnerable, which is something they tried to convey in Metroid: Other M I assume (never played that game, so I wouldn't know for sure). To be honest, it didn't surprise me they went in that direction in Other M. People don't seem to realize it, but Samus isn't as strong as people want her to be. Sure, she's a very strong woman, and a good role model, but you cannot deny that being traumatized at such a young age does eventually have its effect. Nobody can get over a trauma, and even after Other M, it will keep haunting her for the rest of her life. I think people just forget that, and only want to see her as this strong warrior, a Metroid so to say, rather than just a person.

    Yeah, I don't exactly know how this happened, but Mona has a special place in my heart. I mean, if you're talking about two-dimensional characters, Mona can't be any more flat. But that's okay, because sometimes we just want to be entertained, and Mona entertains. Especially with that very catchy song.

    Eevee is an example of a Pokémon who is the perfect blend of cute and tough. So yeah, it's not all that strange that Gary Oak used to have one himself. That, and Eevee has the most evolutions, which is awesome. Not that I actually evolve Eevee or anything though.

    K. K. Slider
    He's a musician, and I love music. It's one of the reasons I always love to play Animal Crossing on Saturday. And his songs are catchy, which is no wonder, considering the tunes are made by Kazumi Totaka.

    Rosangela Blackwell
    I actually started playing the Blackwell games on accident. I was browsing through my Steam list and then I saw an icon with a woman wearing glasses. Glasses are my kryptonite. So yeah, after the first Blackwell game, not only did I get hooked on the Blackwell series, Rosa also had a special place in my heart. I don't know if it's the social awkwardness or her other personality things, but she's got something. Or it could just be the glasses.

    Morgan LeFlay
    There are times a gamer can truly identify himself with a character. Funnily enough, that character for me sort of became Morgan LeFlay. I mean, she's a big Guybrush fangirl, and aren't we all a bit of a fanboys or fangirls for something? Aside from that though, she's got quite a few talents, and I'm not talking about the two she always carries. But she's also caring, and takes her stand when she feel it's the right thing to do.

    I think that's it, although I might have missed a few. Mostly since lately I'm more into cartoons and stuff, so yeah. Someone should make a thread for that as well.
  • Ratchet. The reason I can't give up my PS3 and will probably end up buying the next console. Loving the gameplay helps a whole bunch in my decision. He has a distinct personality that doesn't change from game to game(except the first one), which makes the character immersion so much easier. This, is mostly due to having the same actor back game after game(since the second one). The character has evolved and grown with the addition of each game(with the exception of the arcade style last and next one) and you can see the divide of the teenage Ratchet of the first couple games and the adult Ratchet of the modern releases.

    Decent character development, coupled with great gameplay, leaves you with a very memorable set of characters.
  • Do characters from mods count? If so, then Simon from Cry of Fear.

    So very human, very believable character who doesn't deserve the fate which has befallen him. Quite a sad character really. Everything really sucks for him.
  • Well here's the characters who made me laugh.

    Guybrush Threepwood
    Ford Cruller
    Stan the Salesman
    Banjo and Kazooie
    Barry Wheeler
    Tor and Odin
    Sam and Max
    Mario and Luigi
    Wario and Waluigi
    Sonic and Tails

    And the characters that made me cry.

    Joey the Robot

    The characters I like as characters.
    George Stobbart
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Robert Foster
    Gabriel Knight
    Roger Wilco
    Larry Laffer
    Fox McCloud
    Mega Man
    Jerrod Wilson
    Megaman Volnutt
    Roll Caskett
    Barrel Caskett

    And the characters I shouldn't like because they're so bad.

    The Gman
    The Happy Mask Salesman
    Skull Kid
    Marquis De Singe
    Alan Wake
    The Bonne Family
    Pyramid Head
    Charlie Gilman
    Dr. Robotnik
    Mr. Scratch
    Albert Wesker
    Dr. Wily
    M. Bison
  • Oh, I also forgot to add Stan from IWWHITOMI Ep. 4.

    ...I'm sorry, I don't speak Tung-Gah.
  • Secret Fawful;683287 said:
    The characters I like as characters.
    How the fuck can you like Link as a character? He HAS no character! He's a completely blank slate!

    Augh! [Throws up arms and walks away muttering to self]

    Oh, and happy 4,000th to me.
  • Oh come on, it's your 4000th, you could've finished the rant. All the traditional Nintendo characters are a bit... bland. That's the appeal I guess, no pigeon-holed extremes.
  • Darth Marsden;683305 said:
    How the fuck can you like Link as a character? He HAS no character! He's a completely blank slate!

    Augh! [Throws up arms and walks away muttering to self]

    Oh, and happy 4,000th to me.
    His importance to the world itself throughout all of it's generations gives him character in and of itself.
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