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Clem's death - Anyone see this?

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Yet again, i'm playing through ep 3 trying to look for spoilers. In the train station when Lee boosts Clem over the fence she is trapped with a walker. Lee's gun skids under the door for Clem to get a hold of. She freezes up and doesn't help Lee kill the walkers after him.

As an experiment I went back and looked to see if she got me the keys and if I didn't open the door, if she would shoot the walker coming after her. The walker takes about 20 seconds to get to her so I just waited. Lone behold she did nothing and is overtaken by the walker.

Anyway I frapsed it to see what she would do, and the outcome broke my heart. I can post vid if anyone wants.
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  • To me it appears that Lee gets grabbed by the walker as you see him reaching in then being forcibly pulled against the bars. I just presumed that either he gets bitten or his arm is ripped off.

    Either way, perhaps a 'Game Over' screen would have been more appropriate rather than the 'You Are Dead" screen.
  • I...don't know. I agree with the person above. Clem's screams kind of sound like a monkeys.

    No offence to Clementine.
  • Legionari3;675870 said:
    Was searching for something else and it came up
    Not a nice clip.... :(
    Uggghhh my soul.
  • Xarne;678217 said:
    In a ZA?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
  • what else is there to do in a ZA ? survive ? repopulate ? adapt ?

    clem being young has more potential to the above better and of course she could be part of the 'cure'

    children are the future...
  • FarmerJoe;675950 said:
    Is it just me? but when she gets eaten she sounds like a distressed chimp.
    KennysBESTFRIEND;678336 said:
    I...don't know. I agree with the person above. Clem's screams kind of sound like a monkeys.

    No offence to Clementine.
    So it wasn't just me then :)

    It reminded me of a nature documentary which showed chimps hunting small monkeys. Clem's screams sounded eerily familiar to the noises that were made as they ripped apart the little monkeys.
  • it sounded legit to me, proper screams, so maybe you're thinking it's monkeys cos you don't want to believe a child was hurt to get it or mature actress was capable of screaming like a child ?

    it seemed to me the woman who does clem was doing it, must of took some practise lol
  • I refuse to go back and listen to it again >.< was too horrible the first time, and wasn't looking for monkeys. lol
  • I believe a kid would pull the trigger even if she did not hit the head she would have shot at the zombie.
  • I did it too.

    I sat in a corner while hugging my legs for a while.
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