Seasons 2+3 on Steam only in English?

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I have allready the season 1 box-Version of Sam and Max.
I like it and i want to buy seasons 2+3 on Steam but under language i can only
find English.
I now it exists a boxed versions of the seasons with German language.
Have the Steam-Version the German language too?

Sorry for my bad English


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    I was trying to figure out that myself. I have both season 1 & 2 on the Wii and they have both been localized in french. Season one on Steam looks like it's been localized too but season 2 and 3 are listed as english-only. Will season 2, at the very least, get the localization it's already enjoying on other platforms?
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    Apparently the retail versions have full language support, fully dubbed and subtitled in German French etc.. Steam does only seem to have English. No idea why.
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    Is there anyone from Telltale actually reading these forum posts? Any kind of official response to this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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    No official answer here, but an insight.

    Season 2 and 3 were localized in Germany by Activision (2) and Daedalic Entertainment (3). That means, it was these companies' investment into the Series to get the retail Seasons to sell properly in the target country. The translation, text and voices, rightfully BELONGS to these distribution partners. From Steam sales, they get nothing, so they definitely won't allow their translation to be used.

    I would assume that in other countries, the deal for retail releasing partners is the same.

    Sorry! :(

    [German Version]

    Ich bin nur Moderator und nicht bei Telltale, aber die Sache ist die:

    Season 2 und 3 sind von Activision und Daedalic Entertainment eingedeutscht worden. Das bedeutet, diese Firmen haben mit der Übersetzung eine Investition in das Produkt getätigt, damit es sich als DVD-Version auf dem Zielmarkt anständig verkauft. Die Übersetzung (Text und Sprache) GEHÖRT rechtmäßig diesen Vertriebspartnern von Telltale. Von Verkäufen auf Steam kriegen die jedoch keinen müden Heller, also werden sie keinesfalls erlauben, dass Steam ihre Übersetzung nutzt.

    In anderen Ländern sieht es mit größter Wahrscheinlichkeit genauso aus.

    Tut mir leid!
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    Telltale could still buy the translated assets from them for the Steam version. They managed to do it with the first season.

    Heck, they could even have the translated assets as DLC and forward the profits from those to the contents owners.
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