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Interactive Walking dead scenes [new video up]

posted by Warning__3 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users
Hello guys :D
I have been thinking about making an interactive series of one of the episode of The Walking Dead, so i decided to give one scene a try before doing anything more :)

Please comment what you think about it!
Thank you :D

Lilly stealing the RV

Lee versus Kenny

The Dinner Table

To Saw or Not To Saw
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  • 8Bit_System;683401 said:
    At least you beat someone at something, for once... ;)
  • You do like that GIF shit, don't you? ... jeez...
  • This is turning into Tumblr.

  • Hmm... the reporters surname is Ellenbogen, which means elbow in german... strange... image
  • Finally done with Lee verus Kenny!

    Youtube link

    Any suggestions of future interactive videos? :)

    PS. could a mod edit the title of the topic to 'Interactive Walking dead scenes [new video up]'?
  • yes warning get your thread back on topic..

    it's funny since i've not been here as much, (amazing i know !) red panda takes it upon himself to take over the forums and effectivley become a mini mod which is ironic cos he complained a fair bit about me doing it before ep3 came out..

    and you till haven't learned how to edit posts to avoid double posting, you see it is such a simple thing to do you copy the second post and you paste it in the previous post you then delete the second.....(irony)

    so to say you are giving your opinion, but when people make it moot you start with borderline insults ?

    'slow hand clap'
  • Ermm... shouldn't 'slow hand clap' mean "raise the glass again" in this case... ?

    You must have been drinking... too much as well.
  • image

    Don't let this be you. Knock it off.
  • Red Panda;683149 said:
    He's a chef, not a marketer hired by TTG. It's not an advertisement.

    None of you are lawyers and some of you aren't even Americans. How do you know the law? Simple: you don't. You probably aren't even familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    Yet, you still have an opinion. Guess what? It's worthless. It means nothing, especially in a court of law.

    The only way he doesn't get in trouble is if TTG lets it go. It's probably not worth suing over b/c he is probably broke but they might have it taken down. I can see that.

    Anyway, keep giving your worthless non-legal opinion. If he listens then it's his own fault for listening to people no smarter than he when it comes to copyright law and deserves what he gets.
    But he got the PERMISSION from telltale, so what the heck is your problem??
    And where I live this would go under fair usage and thus is not illegal by law. The EULA does not legally mean shit in most countries with exception of USA.

    I think telltale is smart enough to see it more as free advertisment than piracy. If it was not for let's plays, i would never have discovered telltale and their games.

    Also there is absolutely no way he can implement the actual gameplay mechanics over youtube.
  • Thanks for the support everyone :) and red panda, give up? I don't care what you say :)
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