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Speculation over the rest of walking dead trophies/achievements.

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Just to start some discussion and to see what you guys think, I'm going to post a link of the rest of the trophies with the images. I'm gonna hold off for a while on what I think though.

( Thanks for reminder Zeruis ) Obviously if u wanna stay free of any type of spoiler of future episodes then don't click the link.
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  • I think this thread should be tagged with spoilers...There isn't anything I can dig out of the episode 4 achievements. What really raises my concern is why there is one person standing in the final trophy.
  • Ep 5 has two interesting trophies.

    What's in the bag?


    Stay close to me.
  • I'm sure I'll be utterly wrong, but my guesses are:

    Bedside manor: Omid is dying and asks Lee to promise to look after Christa and his unborn child after he dies.
    For whom the Bell tolls: The group is attacked and Omid and someone else dies.
    The morning after: burning the bodies of those who died?

    Twice shy: Lee or Clem gets bitten.
    There ain't no way: Kenny or Ben dies.
    Mercy:Stopping Kenny or Ben from killing themselves.
    The Marsh house:Looking For Clem's parents, obviously.
    What's in the Bag?: Clem's mother's head :p
    What remains:Clem is either dead or safe somewhere. Lee is alone to continue to season 2 or is bit and has to decide to kill himself before he turns.
  • Like the episode 3 trophies, these may be subject to change before the episode is released but I'd say 'bedside manor' is the scene in the trailer when the group is deciding Omids fate (notice the posh surroundings in the trailer and the use of the word 'manor' not 'manner' in the achievement).

    'The Morning After' I'd say we get to roast some zombies which may cause a fire wherever we are hiding out which would lead us nicely into episode 5 trophy 'into the fire'

    'twice shy' sounds pretty obviously, someone gets bitten.

    'mercy' do we help them or leave them? I forsee a tough decision here.

    'the marsh house' nuff said really.

    'whats in the bag' ooh clems moms head. I like that idea :D

    'stay close to me' big decision time. does clem live or die?!

    'what remains' depending on our choices my guess is clem is dead or out of harms reach. Lee is left behind as we enter season 2.

    what does everyone else think?
  • what remains is lee and clem...since ttg confirmed they are in season 2 question is how intact are they ?

    a bite may mean an amputation so that could be the in the bag...
  • Mhhhh, since I always have such a big creative mind I try to puzzle a little bit.

    Episode 4

    Georgia's First City: Group leave the train and search for a safe way through the city.
    Down By The River: Seems like the group find a bus or a vehicle... it also is to note that they start in Savannah at the south and have to go up all the way into the north.
    Support Group: They (group) help Christa & Omid or help Clementine with the weird guy on the walkie-talkie.
    Bedside Manor: No matter what we do, I think we see here a very emotional scene between Christa & Omid w/ Clem play a little role in this. Omid will die because of the bleeding and we have to decide before he turn if we shoot him or Christa should do, but out of nowhere Kenny will do it.
    Georgia's Last City: After the death from Omid we will leave and Christa later tell us (when it's not told in the chapter before) that she is pregnant and Lee will try everything to protect her because "Omid would had doing the same".
    For Whom The Bell Tolls: In the trailer Lee is in front of a church and in the real Savannah is also a church near the south, so I think the weird guy start to help us here like he said in the trailer: "Get out of the street.... NOW". That lead us to the next chapter
    The Morning After: Walkie-Talkie guy help us w/ some gas so the group can travel with the bus/vehicle they find.
    Penultimate: The herd is comming from episode 3, so I think we have to do again a tough decision who we safe... I might think that this chapter may lead to the death from Chuck (aka Charles).

    Episode 5

    Into The Fire: Start that somehow the vehicle they have explode and they are "into the fire".
    Twice Shy: Is for me Ben because he is always so shy and barely say anything, so Ben will be dying.
    There Ain't No Way: Kenny will die by sacrifice himself for Christa, Clementine & Lee, so that the last 3 remaining survivors can run away. Will be a emotion scene because Christa will try to do that but Kenny explain everything that he lost everything and that Christa still have something to live for with the little baby. We see before he die how the painted picture that Clementine did fly out of his pocket and only blood squirt on the picture so we don't have to see how Kenny die.
    Mercy: Now this is for me a toughy, because I could see that Lilly comeback and help the 3 remaining survivors. Lee asking why she did it and depending what you did when she (Lilly) shoot Carley/Doug she said: "You did no matter what a right decision w/ me, so I wanted to give you mercy." I see Lilly not getting bitten or anything like that, it's more like a move from TellTale to make Lilly at the end not a bad person (like she used be seen by many players).
    The Marsh House: Walking through the hotel and the 3 see Clem's dead dad. Walkie-Talkie guy will not be there because we might see then Clem's mum closely dying and before Clem shoot her own mother she say to Clem: "I have something for you, something you wished so bad. Make me proud my little girl and watch what's in the bag".
    What's In The Bag: Since Clem's mom mention that she have a bag for her, they (Christa, Lee & Clem) search for it and when they later find it later but will not be revealed what.
    Stay Close To Me: As hard it is for me to write but I think Christa will die in a very emotional scene where Lee & Christa argue why she sacrifice herself. Clem only staying right behind them and have already tears in her eyes, before Lee want to jump into the herd from walkers, Christa do it. Christa only say at the end: "Thanks you 2 for everything, we (Omid & Christa) will never forget you". :( :( :(
    What Remains: Judging by the photo, it does look like Clem die at the end and we see at the end what really is in the bag... perhaps a stuffed animal or a college fund for the the school where Lee was teaching. It must be something that is in the bag that kinda connect w/ Lee's past.

    Wow, that was too much what I wrote ;)

    PS: Could we move this thread perhaps in the spoiler section ?
  • what remains is lee and clem...since ttg confirmed they are in season 2 question is how intact are they ?

    a bite may mean an amputation so that could be the in the bag...

    They've confirmed this? Where was I when this happened? :)

    Any links to the confirmation?
  • For those who don't know, in real life Georgia's first city actually refers to Savannah.
  • what remains is lee and clem...since ttg confirmed they are in season 2 question is how intact are they ?

    a bite may mean an amputation so that could be the in the bag...

    I did a google search and the only link saying anything about Lee and Clem being in season 2 was one leading to this very thread, nothing else. Are you sure they said that?
  • What do you think about charles nobody has talked about him yet :rolleyes:
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