I beg your pardon?

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Just finished episode 2 last night (iOS) . . . can anyone tell me what Jolene was saying on the videotape at the end? I presume she's a relation to Clem but I couldn't understand a word she said and don't particularly want to replay the whole ep (at least not right now!) to find out...

Och, I hate zombie movies and games as a general rule, but I'm loving this game...


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    She said that the bandits are a bunch of rapists and that while they're busy with the dairy, they'll leave the motel alone and therefore Clem will be safe.

    Thing is, episode 2 ends with the dairy completely overrun with walkers, so I think you can guess what's going to happen.
    Also, Jolene has no relation to Clem whatsoever, if that's what you meant. She's just some woman who went crazy because her daughter was molested and killed by the bandits, so she wanted to replace her with Clementine.
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    Ooh. That _is_ scary. I _can_ guess. Thank you very much, Viser!!!! It all makes sense, now!

    I played with subtitles on for a while just to avoid this sort of problem, but subtitles can be awfully distracting when you've got zombies on one side of the fence and crazed redneck cannibals with guns on the other and you need to make a decision quickly!

    Thanks again...
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    Was about to edit my post and include a link to a video, but Cyreen already did that, so if you want to see her exact words just click the link :D
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    And thank you, too, Cyreen!!
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