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Your first contact with Telltale games!

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The first game from Telltale that I bought was Tales of Monkey Island.But for me it was something more than that.

You see I grew up reading of the early 90s about PC games and such and learning that Monkey Island was a legend.One of the best adventure games ever.But I never got the chance to play it!

So my first Monkey Island game was Tales of Monkey Island which I bought when it came out on DVD.And was I disappointed by my first contact with Monkey Island and Telltale Games?Absolutely not!On the contrary I loved the humor,the easy controls,the art,the voice acting.

I loved it all.I did have to stop somewhere in the second episode though because my laptop was acting stupid,but that doesn't matter.Telltale games proved me they can be smart,funny and make very beautiful and interesting stuff!

So what was the first contact you had with them?
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    A buddy of mine was raving about how Sam & Max was coming back from the dead in 2006 (this was right on the heels of the Freelance Police cancellation) so I was just super excited. I learned TTG was relatively local to me when when Jake posted a call for volunteer playtesters on Something Awful, and the rest is history.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I was following news about them on The International House of Mojo and read their blog posts from before even Telltale Texas Hold'Em was released. I skipped Telltale Texas Hold'Em and bought their second game Out From Boneville, but I rectified it a couple of years later when the retail release of TTH was made. I've purchased every Telltale season since then (sometimes multiple times for multiple platforms). :)
  • I've been on board since they were selling Sphinx on the front page.
  • First heard of: Watching a review of the first half of season 1. I had no idea up to that point what Sam and Max even was. It looked funny. Now it's my favorite everything ever.

    First contact: Someone ported Bone episode 1 to Mac. I played a trial. I don't like that trial. It quit while I was in the middle of playing Hide and Seek

    First owned: either Season 1 or Ice Station Santa. I don't remember. Grandmother got me season one. Had a hard time getting it to work in Wine. Glad I don't need my grandmothers account anymore, because I no longer have the info she gave me.

    First purchase: Season 3.

    My only regret is that I don't yet own Tales of Monkey Island.
  • Heard a bunch of ex-LucasArts employees that worked on Freelance Police were making a new company, kicking it off with Bone. Never joined the community, though, until much later. I did buy S&M Season 1 retail for PC, though.
  • I followed Telltale since they had their first website, and people were speculating and hoping they'd pick up Sam and Max. Monkey Island 5 was a pipe dream back then.

    I tried joining during the Sam and Max days but I didn't really make much of an impact so I felt no urge to stick around. Fast forward to the day Tales was announced. SOMI and MI: LR had already cemented themselves as my favorite games of all time, but I never dared to dream of a fifth Monkey Island game. When one was announced by Telltale, I thought the trailer looked like shit, but thought "It's could it go wrong?" so I joined again. Already loved Bone and Wallace and Gromit and thought Sam and Max wasn't terrible. This time I was able to become a part of the community and interact and have fun. A lot of fun. And when it ended I became jaded and cynical and an asshole, and everyone loves me.

    Had a few freakouts over people shitting on me, and have wanted to leave the place more than once, but I'm still here so I must be a masochist. Also I have made some of my best friends here.
  • First Contact: Sam & Max Season 1. It was advertised in Mad or something.
  • GuruGuru214;684107 said:
    It's really scary how similar this was to me.
  • MusicallyInspired;684159 said:
    Heard a bunch of ex-LucasArts employees that worked on Freelance Police were making a new company, kicking it off with Bone. Never joined the community, though, until much later. I did buy S&M Season 1 retail for PC, though.
    Pretty much this, except I played the Sam and Max seasons on GameFly and didn't join until the time between Season Two and Strong Bad.
  • First contact with TTG: Sam & Max Season 1, Episode 1 at a friend's house.
    First reason for visiting TTG website: Tales of Monkey Island
    First TTG game purchased: Sam & Max Season 1 while waiting for TOMI to be released.
    First TTG forum visited (I think): Tales of Monkey Island General Chat
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