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So... why do you like Carley?

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Why is everyone so in love with Carley? Yeah her getting shot was bad, but honestly I was more mad about Doug getting shot.

If you are a Carley fan why do you like her character so much? For the fact she was a possible romance? Or that she was uber cute trying to put in batteries?
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  • I also picked doug first but in my second play through i saved carley and realized that with her saved, i could tell the group my past and everyone was more accepting and happy that i was honest with them, unlike when lily tells out secret and everyone is upset with us.
  • She was a good shot and seemed pretty trustworthy. Her legs were nice.....
  • She trusted you when times were bleak. She thought Lee would be great as a leader. Carley was also a sharpshooter. Lastly, there was romance between her and Lee.
  • She seemed trustworthy, I kind of value that, if that scene where she explains she knows who you are and tells you she wont tell people didn't happen I would have likely chose Doug.
  • Great shot, had my back and I felt I could trust her.

    Valuable traits in a ZA ally.
  • She was a good shot, saved me on several occasions and generally backed me up in any situation.


    She throught arguing and insulting a mentally unstable woman with a gun was a good idea. Not the brightest move sweetheart.
  • erm cos carley is awesome

    like my carley page (the link is in my sig :D)
  • Nice genetics for procreation
  • she trusted me, I trusted her.
    I saved her once, she saved me several times.
    she was the best shooter of the group.
    she cared about Lee, and others too.
    I already liked her before the 'maybe romance'.For me she was the best of the group.
  • Carley has become my favorite character ever. I love her for many reasons.
    First of all, she has an attitude. She's sassy and doesn't take anybody's crap, and can give an attitude, yet she never comes off as a bitch (at least to me). I think it's really hard for a character to have an attitude to them and not be considered by the majority as a bitch, she's considered the opposite, and I think Telltale did wonderfully with that. I really love that in a character.
    She's a great person. She's also like Clementine in the sense that she's kind of a ray of hope in the bleakness of the world right now. She believes in saving humans and saving as many people as possible, and does her best to save everyone just like she did with Lee. She thinks of others and is very kind and generous. She didn't judge Lee, knowing only the black and white of his past, and searched for the grey area. She sees the good in people. Even if Lilly is a bitch, she herself tells you in ep 3 at the Motor Inn that she's mainly just worried about her.
    She's intelligent. Yes, she doesn't know how to put in batteries in a radio (which I find charming and hilarious) I think it's best to keep her humble that way, as like any other person she has flaws, too. She's a great shot and has a lot of skill, and gives the best advice that Lee probably has ever gotten and will ever get in his life. It's hard for people to give great advice, especially in this situation, but she always keeps herself strong. Seeing death all over, she doesn't falter and focuses on the positive side. She even goes as far as saying and knowing that she can handle herself despite all of the things that go on, and she does.
    I saved her for all of these reasons, plus that she and Lee were bound to have a romance imo, which I am in love with their relationship (or well, what it was). I hope we get references to her in ep 4 and 5, as well as Doug for Doug fans! I also find her very attractive but that doesn't really seal the deal for a character for me.
    I think she was greatly developed and I wish my favorite character ever would've stayed a bit longer.

    Wow, this was long. But yeah, these are some of the reasons coming from a super huge Carley fan. I realized that I loved these qualities from episode 1. I don't dislike Doug, either, which I think some people have an issue with just simply liking both and not having to bash one or the other.
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