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Is there any chance we'll get to see Woodbury in the game?
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  • None whatsoever, that dubious destination belongs to Lilly alone.
  • FarmerJoe;684405 said:
    None whatsoever, that dubious destination belongs to Lilly alone.
    Unfortunately :(
  • :-( Would've been cool to see it
  • I think we're about to see something "similar" to Woodbury in e4 but I doubt we'll actually go to Woodbury. Too bad too, I hear they have sporting events with dirt bikes.
  • Looks like the group is staying within the confines of Savannah for the next two episodes. Maybe in season 2 we get to have a "flashback" at Lilly's time there.
  • How far into the apocalypse is the game?
  • I would guess 3 1/2 - 4 months. Around that anyway. Getting confused, and don't know if some time has been missed out (the comic jumps, without always stating time passed) so the game could be skipping time when nothing was happening if it's like that :/ they should have made some sort of calendar, or got one, and crossed days off. x.x. Not that the day of the week or whatever would be all that important x_x
  • At the start of Episode 3, it's been 3 months and 1 week since the end of Episode 1, plus the couple of days-1 week that took place after the dead came back and before Lee was being transported to prison. I'm fairly certain that Rick mentions it as being around "a year" since the dead rose, sometime during the prison storyline. I don't think we'll be seeing Woodbury in the game, as I'm fairly certain that the Governor is just coming to power there at this point and Woodbury is (I think) closer to Atlanta than Savvanah.
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