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What Style Of Game

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Pretty self-explanatory and apologies if I've missed it announced anywhere but what type of game are we expecting for Fables? Similar to any other TTG properties or something completely new?
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  • I don't think TT is good at writing stories, at least i haven't played a game from them which is really convincing in this discipline yet. Same with emotions, i guess the most emotional moment was the Bone 2 bone intro sequence and maybe a few moments with MorganLeFlay.

    So beside of the hope that they surprise us with great story telling skills for a change i think i hope for solid adventure ingredients in the usual disciplines (unique puzzles, interesting dialogues, ...). I'm curious how their target audience will look like and if it's more the easy beasy not so much adventure focused BTTF mob who is fine with some second class story snippets already or a more demanding intelligent adult like audience who also cares about the quality of a game behind a franchise.

    Curious how it will shape up.
  • Pretty excited about this game - working my way through the graphic novels and loving them.

    I just hope they make a really great adventure game with complex but fair puzzles and keep it in a hand-drawn 2D style.
  • I somehow would find it cool if you need to steer each characters also in a different way.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    "control", not "steer". It happens to a lot of Germans. ;)
  • Woher's i.A. wohl kommt?! / Scheint auch Bayern zu passieren. / Macht der Gewohnheit: u.a. Steering Behaviours, ...
  • MarkDarin wrote: »
    Here's a question for you.. what style of game play would you WANT it to be?

    The first time I heard about "Fables" being adapted, I hoped it might be in the style of the first "Gabriel Knight" game - "Sins of the Fathers" - that old school style point & click.

    No reason for it, I just always dug games like that and "Beneath A Steel Sky"; "Monkey Island"; "DOTT" etc. and "Fables" doesn't strike me as really working in the same style as the other "TTG" titles - I think it may come across as "too cartoony" if you used the same engine as "BTTF", "Sam & Max" etc.
  • I'd love a dark and mature graphic adventure with DIFFICULT puzzles and a great story, if it's not much asking. :D

    I think that would fit the comics.
  • in terms of style... almost a semi-2d look, or cell shaded maybe, keeping the same look as the comics? i think that would be best.
    and yeah. this one kinda needs to be a classic adventure game really.
    maybe play as a different character for each episode, that brings a big story together at the end?
    i'm really looking forward to this one, fables is probably my favourite comic series...
  • Strategic Simulator, obviously. Or edutainment.

    Seriously though I can't wait for this to come out.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Seems like the spambots have a sudden interest in Fables.
    Maybe the moderators should too. ;)

    The adventure game would be a complete fit. The community would certainly be happy about some "choices" also, but I think we've had enough of the attempt with Walking Dead just now. A lot of effort was poured into this game only to have the fans complain their butts off that it wasn't at all enough.

    Asking Telltale for a "pure" adventure however is probably pretty futile! They'll try to bring something new to it. And I'd really want that as long as it enhances interactivity. Give the pacing back to the player. Make exploration far more interesting, smoother and quicker than it was in TWD. And add far more details to actually explore. Give PC players PC controls. If you just can't think of anything better than a full blown chock full combine items inventory, then do exactly that. Anything but just walking around with one thing from A to B. Your fans want a challenge again that isn't just mini games or even QTEs (*shudder*), something with a bit of immersion to it.

    TWD's graphic style was excellent, but the environments weren't always breathtaking. Add some real multi-level architecture, make the environments way bigger, have some freedom of movement (complete with a more dynamic camera), let the main character(s) run again. I think the engine can handle it. I won't speak about graphic style because I know you won't disappoint in that respect.

    If it looks like the Adam Hughes covers, you done right.
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