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Sam and Max: Hit the road help!

posted by Archie200034 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
I hope this is the right section

I just completed Sam and Max season 1 and I loved it. Now I wanna try my dads old Sam and max Hit the road, but when i tried to play it, there was no sound! So I tried to google it and found a program called DOSBox that should fix the sound problem. I used the wiki and opened the sound configurating thingy, and tried the different sound card options until i found one that worked and pressed exit and saved. Then it brings me to the Hit the road menu, and if I press the "Sam and max music" option and it works fine. But when i press "Play Sam and Max" It says that my sound drivers wasn't detected/failed and then the intro starts and still no sound :(

So can anyone help me?
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