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[Episode 3] What does Clementine's drawings imply?

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I just finished the game a while ago and noticed a drawing in her bag. These drawings seem to be different from person to person. Does anyone know what each of the drawings mean/What do you do to get to a specific drawing?


So far I've heard of:

Kenny, Katjaa and Duck holding hands(not sure about that) all smiling.
Sad Kenny, but happy Katjaa and Duck. Edit: Most likely the same as above, just misinterpreting his manly mustache as being sad
Clementine, Katjaa and Duck all smiling.
Sad/crying Clementine.

I'm assume the last one occurs if you threat her like crap. But the other ones?

I try to be honest and nice to everyone in the game and got the first one. How about you?

Also, kudos to TTG for making such a wonderful game. Simply breathtaking.
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