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Legend of Zelda Megathread - Adoring Fan Edition

posted by Chyron8472 on - last edited - Viewed by 16.8K users
I thought we should have a thread to discuss the Legend of Zelda games, especially with Skyward Sword so close!
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  • I bought OoT3D because it was one of the only good games out at the time. Also, Forest Temple.
  • Shadowknight1;684328 said:
    Twilight Princess is decently high on my list, but not enough to go out and buy a Gamecube copy.
    Well, I still recommend it. GameStop is selling used copies for $30, and I'd say it's totally worth it.

    I was going to say "maybe GameCube titles will be downloadable on WiiU and you can buy it when you get one" but with the storage limitations, I don't see how that's feasible.
  • Gamecube games are 1.4 GBs. They're not all that big, really.
  • Darth Marsden;684367 said:
    Gamecube games are 1.4 GBs. They're not all that big, really.
    Perhaps, but it still makes an 8GB WiiU version rather useless.

    I just looked on google, and a 32GB SD card only costs 20 bucks. However, I'm not sure on the transfer rates that would get when it comes to running a game directly from the card (or even if it can do that, as the Wii won't without an emulator).

    Then again, the original XBox did have an Arcade version with no internal storage, so maybe Nintendo plans on releasing higher storage versions later? Really what should have happened is for the storage to be modular.
  • Yeah, that kind of thinking made sense 6+ years ago. Not now. It should really be launching with at least 80GB at MINIMUM. That's being very forgiving. I mean come on, this is a next gen console, and if the graphics are as great as they're claiming and if they're as nice as that demo they showed of it in realtime action, then we're going to need EVEN MORE space for each game.
  • Not that it matters too much to Nintendo just now. I think they're feeling pretty good since apparently the Wii U's preorders are already selling out with several sites.
  • I'm not really impressed with their list of launch titles.

    Their Mario game is a rehash of NSMBWii; the other popular franchise names (eg. Zelda, Metroid) don't have launch titles; there are current-gen title which have been out for ages now; and casual games that no one cares about beyond maybe NintendoLand.
  • I must say that it is NOT a rehash!

    At least, not how NEW Super Mario Bros. 2 is.
  • I've read a lot of positive things about NSMB U, but even if it is a re-hash...first Mario launch title in a while. And so what if Arkham City, Assassin's Creed 3, and Darksiders 2 will have been out for a while? This might be the "I only buy Nintendo and nothing else" crowd's first chance to play these. Plus Arkham and Darksiders will be coming with all DLC as well as some exclusive stuff.

    As for no Zelda...Skyward Sword isn't that old. They haven't had enough time to be working on a new Zelda game for an HD console. 3DS, very likely. Wii U? No.

    Metroid though...I honestly think Nintendo's trying to wait until they're sure fan outrage over Other M has died down enough. I personally don't get it, but a lot of people did rage about Other M, so that may be why we're not seeing anything out of our favorite bounty hunter/purveyor of genocide.
  • Not to be 'that guy', but we're drifting away from the topic of Zelda here and more into stuff that should be in the Wii U thread.

    What you say does sound about right though, Shadow. ESPECIALLY what you say about Metroid. God, that game was terrible.
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