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Sly cooper thread

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Since Thieves in time is coming out in a few months i think a Sly Cooper thread would be good. So first i got a question. What episode do you hate the most in Sly 2 and 3. Mine is episode 3 from Sly 2 because of how much i hate the map and there were missions i hated ( The mission where you need to find stuff in high places and the mission where you need to keep a bug in water)
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  • We know... we just don't care.
  • There's a new Sly 4 trailer from gamescom and it says Sly 4 comes out in early 2013
  • A little late but Here's a Playstation blog post saying the month for Sly Cooper Thieves In Time and pre-order bonuses. Sometime in March for EU and February 5th for US.
  • It's looking good!

    Have they toned down Sly's new pointy design a little bit or am I just getting more used to it?
  • If you mean in cutscenes for Sly Thieves In Time, I don't think so but he,Bentley,Murray and everyone else look good ingame....But i do not like Carmelita's ingame design
  • So for people in the USA who got a Sly 4 demo when they got the R&C Trilogy/Collection how is it?
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