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Do you think Lee will kill Kenny?

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Do you think Kenny is gonna end up like Shane? Do you think Lee will have to kill him in episode 5?
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  • kenny should be mortally wounded from that bullet
  • Kenny doesn't hate Lee. He's just extremely unreliable and completely untrustworthy as an ally. Think about the escape from the Drug Store in ep.3- he stares at you with a collapsed door with a couple of walkers on it, then stares at the door and pretty much shrugs his shoulders.

    Kenny's a broken reed now that his family is gone. I think that he needs and wants to have Lee around, but he's incapable of stepping up when he needs to.

    Lee might have to choose between him and someone else, but to kill him? I guess he might if Kenny was bitten or something like that. Otherwise, no.
  • Viner16;684651 said:
    Its been confirmed that Lee Clementine and Kenny will appear in all 5 episodes, so if Kenny's gonna die it's not in EP 4.
    Where did you read that?
  • I don't know, but the relationship w/ Kenny you had along these episodes will have a major impact to the gameplay.
  • I'm really glad he and I are friends then. He didn't let me lay under that door, he ran over to help me.
  • I dont wanna kill Kenny coz although we have had our differences he did save my life in episode 1 and he has just lost his family. The only way i can see myself killing him is if he goes crazy and tries to kill lee, clem or other members of the group. I can definitely see myself killing Ben or abandoning him unless he does something amazing to redeem himself.Good luck with that Ben.
  • Kenny doesn't seem like the one to give up and commit suicide. I think Lee will either kill him, or he gets murdered.
  • I will not kill him, saved me 2 times already, is the only Lee´s friend left.
  • Well since his family is dead I hope he will wake up & have more cares for others.
  • Brohan;685306 said:
    Well since his family is dead I hope he will wake up & have more cares for others.
    I suspect he could go either way. The preview for episode 4 seemed to suggest he didn't give a shit about Omid(but the previews are not always accurate) but since he's lost his family he may turn his focus towards making sure the others survive.
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