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  • Then Chuck would go Pied Piping along into a horde of walkers, allowing Lee and Clem to escape :D
  • thestalkinghead;684213 said:
    a quick comic of how chuck saves the world :D

    Nice one. I had wondered about Chuck's Pied Piper potential myself, since walkers are attracted to noises.

    Personally I hope he doesn't leave, I want him to be rocking some tunes as Lee smashes,bludgeons and stomps Walkers skulls.

    I'd appreciate some music while I kill things :)
  • Cyreen;683887 said:
    Their new editing tools suck, but otherwise I've never had any issues with photobucket.
    yeah they are a bit and they take friggin ages to load now :(
  • Red Panda;684893 said:
    Milo, my word... dirty mind
    clearly you don't understand what that means in this context...
  • ok guess i have to explain it...

    with all the new screens of lee and clem on the beach/at sea and with people actually commenting on them and giving this thread new life since i've been too depressed to make funnies out of ep3 i was surprised and amazed at how others have kept this thread alive in my absence... but now you have to chime in off topic and single me out yet again you got banned once at this rate a second time could be looming.... do you blame me for the first time ? There are other users on these forums sick of your bullshit posts...

    if i wanted to make an 'inappropriate' post i'd use the proper terminology...

    for example i'd of said my balls just sploded or i jizzed my pants...

    which isn't what happened.

    heres a pic of carley i did in the southpark.co.uk editor as the sp studio is down
  • Cyreen;685069 said:
    I want 'em...

    pretty dope
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