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on MacBook Pro ... freezes on startup!

posted by TubeTonic on - last edited - Viewed by 292 users
What can I do?

Episode 1 & 2 was working great!

Now after I noticed Episode 3 is out, I started the game again to download it...

But it does not work!

The Fullscreen start, than it says me on Start up to "Click" and after I clicked the "Connecting" appears and dissapears but rest stays like it is...

I have the Walking Dead logo and the Advertising Ticker on top but nothing goes on... I cannot quit, start, or do anything... I just can close with CMD+Q...

What can I do? Untill Episode 2 all was working fine!

Apple MacBook Pro Early 2011, Mointainlion
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Are you sure a patch is not being downloaded and installed?
    To quote what I posted in another thread:
    Macfly77;682835 said:
    A patch was released for the Mac version of the game on July 25. If your version hasn't been updated yet, after you click on "click to continue", the patch will download and install, but it will look like nothing's happening (unless you monitor your internet activity). The download takes a little time (it took me about half an hour), but you can keep using your computer by switching to non-full screen mode (by pressing command-f) while the update downloads.
  • Thx for the hint... will try it out. seems to be exactly what happens here
  • that was it. thx & close
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