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Lee's family

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Acording to the wiki, Lee's mother & father are dead, the wiki informing us that they were infected & Larry carried them out of the drugstore.

Lilly says that too in the first episode, "My dad dragged some bodies out of the office."

My theory is that: probally they weren't Lee's family, just some random survivors.

What do you think ?
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  • Maybe.But your kinda right,if they were bitten they had to turn to Walkers,although the drug store clearly says "Everett".
    But,you can never really trust the wiki. ;)
  • Yes, I mean that his parents could have escaped of the drug store SAFE, while some survivors hided in the office (the ones wich Lilly mentions).
  • There probably dead, and if they weren't we wouldn't see them anyways.

    I mean, how would they know Lee would be going to Savannah?
  • I doubt Lee's brother would have been hanging around the drugstore in scrubs unless they were caught off guard on a regular working day by the ZA, which would indicate his parents had been in the store. Lee says he knows his brother would have died to protect his parents and that's probably what happened.
  • Lee's brother was trying to protect his parents who were inside the pharmacy I guess.
    they are already dead.
  • Because Lee's brother was turned into a walker close to the pharmacy, it would make sense that his parents were in danger as well. What's more, Lilly says that it was an "older couple" that Larry pulled out of the pharmacy, giving more sense that it was Lee's parents.
  • I like the speculation that they are still alive. It is possible I suppose though the evidence strongly suggests that they aren't. Seems to me that odds are about the same on Clem's parents still being alive.

    The one thing that really makes me suspect that they are actually dead is that the cane was still there. Lee's dad didn't walk around without it.
  • Lee's parents are dead,I'm sure. :)
    ...but maybe we will have that sweet twist at some point. :)
  • LadyJ;686215 said:
    Lee's dad didn't walk around without it.
    While this thread is a forgone conclusion, THAT is false. Lee said there was nothing wrong with his father and that the cane was mostly for security, plus he made it look cool.
  • What do you guys think happened to Lee's wife? Zombie chow?
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