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The Great Sherlock Thread

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Oh, hello, I didn't see you there!

You either clicked on this thread for one of three reasons. You either;
A. Was curious about it's contents and had no interest in the topic.
B. Thought this thread was discussing the Ritchie films
or C. Wished to discuss the masterful BBC and PBS produced 'Sherlock' series, ran by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.


If you chose Option C, you are correct! That's right, the fantastic adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson shall continue starting New Years Day on BBC1 and each Sunday thereafter for a whopping three further weeks (insert 'Wow! Three Whole Weeks!'s)

If you've yet to experience the pure joy of the first series, it is available on Netflix streaming and on DVD (Amazon: US and UK).

Now then, let's get to the discussion, eh! Why not start with some thoughts on the first episode, Steven Moffat's "A Study in Pink"?
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  • Noname215;683145 said:
    I just received my copy of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Awesome!
    I'm still waiting for mine but I'm glad it sounds good.
  • image

    And honey you should see me in a crown!
  • So, what was "Elementary" like? The CBS website won't show me the first episode, probably on some tenuous grounds of international geography.
  • Oh, it's aired? I'll have to check it out online after work. (Google 'watch elementary online' - I've been using WatchSeries, and GorillaVid, to watch series 3/4 of Castle and it works a treat in the UK)
  • As I predicted and is no surprise whatsoever, it did absolutely superb in the ratings, improving on the Mentalist who already was doing superb in the same slot. Seems it'll be CBS' big winner this year, following the tradition set by The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-O, and Person of Interest before it with relatively average procedurals becoming the biggest show of the season.

    (I'll never forget Person of Interest for depriving us of the planned Abrams pilot in which Emerson and Terry O'Quinn solve crimes together as eccentric billionaires)
  • Ribs;685160 said:
    (I'll never forget Person of Interest for depriving us of the planned Abrams pilot in which Emerson and Terry O'Quinn solve crimes together as eccentric billionaires)
    What... I...


    Just about to watch Elementary. I'll report back.

    EDIT: Well, that was... hmm. Pretty much what I expected. Not very good, for one. Also, a rip-off of every. Single. Quirky. Crime show. It's like it took elements from all these other shows - Castle, Monk, Sherlock and the like - and threw them into a blender, hoping something good would come out. But it didn't. It was strangely flat, the writing felt rather forced and the plot was actually rather weak, with the deduction of what happened not really coming from anywhere and the big twist at the end being pulled right from the writer's arse. It also seems as if the writer don't know what people from England actually talk like, as I found Sherlock's dialogue quite bizarre at times. We don't really use the word 'prat', for example.

    I dunno. There were certain elements (a-ha!) about it that could have worked, but it just didn't gel together. I might try another episode, but I don't have high hopes.
  • Lucy Liu as Watson... *sudders*

    Seriously, they couldn’t have fucked up Sherlock Holmes as much as they did with Elementary. It’s just embarrassing to watch.
  • And there's not even a decent reason for him to be in the US! Gah!
  • Wiki "The idea of a fictional series having a "canon" was first used by fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series"

    WOW! I never knew that. Thats rly cool!
  • That... that actually is pretty neat. And relevant! Woo!
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