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[Episode 3] What does Clementine's drawings imply?

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I just finished the game a while ago and noticed a drawing in her bag. These drawings seem to be different from person to person. Does anyone know what each of the drawings mean/What do you do to get to a specific drawing?


So far I've heard of:

Kenny, Katjaa and Duck holding hands(not sure about that) all smiling.
Sad Kenny, but happy Katjaa and Duck. Edit: Most likely the same as above, just misinterpreting his manly mustache as being sad
Clementine, Katjaa and Duck all smiling.
Sad/crying Clementine.

I'm assume the last one occurs if you threat her like crap. But the other ones?

I try to be honest and nice to everyone in the game and got the first one. How about you?

Also, kudos to TTG for making such a wonderful game. Simply breathtaking.
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  • The only thing bothering me about that drawing is...Katjaa didn't have red shoes!!
  • and duck is blonde..
  • Are there any pictures anywhere of this "crying Clem" drawing? I never heard of it before. I thought it would always be Kenny's family.
  • Well I'm currently in the middle of another save with my "Asshole" Lee in Ep 2.

    I'm being a complete dick to everyone in this save (even not feeding Clementine :( )

    So we'll see if I get a crying Clementine.
  • image

    You get the crying Clementine if you are an absolute ass to her/lie/stay silent.
  • Clems drawings imply her impending doom, she is set to become a zombie after getting bit in EP5, you will however be given the choice to do a "duck" on her, but either way, it's all over for her
  • Did you use all your 33 posts to say that? just wondering.
  • No, he had more interesting posts before he was banned, minus the self-censoring.
  • From what I get, Clementine, Katjia and Duck might happen if she doesn't have a very good relation with Lee, but he doesn't treat her bad, so she sees Katjia and Duck as their "new" family, since they are the ones that past more time with her in the camp. The one where she's alone is if Lee treats her bad I guess (never saw that not even on the internet), so she is very sad and can't truste or relate with anyone... The one with Katjia, Kennt and Duck, is if Le treats her good, and so she sees Lee as her family, leading her to see Kenny, Katjia and Duck as a different family that she likes, but not her "new" family.

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