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I don't know if this is the right section but, I bought Poker Night At The Inventory, it run's fine, Then I figured out there's Team Fortess Promos, Can I connect my steam account here or get them through this site??


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    If you bought Poker Night from the TTG Store, you can get a Steam code which gives you a free copy of Poker Night on Steam which you can use to unlock the items in TF2.

    Click the following link to get your code:

    If you bought Poker Night at the Inventory on Steam, you can earn the items just by playing the game and they'll automatically unlock in your copy of TF2. You can check that out immediately.

    For Telltale Customers, you're in luck! If you got the game directly from us, you can still get the four exclusive TF2 unlocks. This page will figure out if you qualify, and provide you a key to plug into your Steam client

    Woo! You're qualified! Here's your code:


    To redeem: Click here to open up your Steam client and enter the above code for access to these exclusive TF2 items. Lucky you!
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    You will have to reinstall/reearn the items though.
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