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Batman General Discussion Thread

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With Batman Arkham City coming out yesterday (uk) and the 18th of October (usa) and with me finishing it yesterday i throught it would be cool to open a batman thread so go ahead and say anything you want about batman you can talk about the games comics movies anything batman you can even make reviews of it ill start

Review of Batman Arkham Asylum

Story - The Joker breaks out of arkham and lets Batman capture him and bring him back but as Batman thinks it was too easy and thinks Joker is up to something he is proven Right as Joker takes control of arkham and kills many guards unleashes all of the inmates with the help of Harley Quinn and the inmates being killer choc Scarecrow and more of the villians from batmans past and with the pain of the riddler who makes batman solve all his riddles..its gonna be one big night for the dark knight

Gameplay - just belive me this is one of the best comic book games and it feels like you really are the dark knight as you fight,do puzzles and solve riddles it is really good gameplay

Overall - it is one of the best batman games if not one of the best comic book games made and if you can i would say ether get it along with the sequel Arkham City or if you can find it just get it so Batman Arkham Asylum gets a 9.0
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  • The only Batman that matters is All Star Batman.
  • DAISHI;686044 said:
    The only Batman that matters is All Star Batman.
    Please leave this thread before i make a Linkara reference!
  • DAISHI;686044 said:
    The only Batman that matters is Kevin Conroy's Batman.
  • A random thought: I was Heath Ledger’s Joker for Halloween back in ’09.

    Speaking of which, shouldn’t The Long Halloween be turned into an animated movie after they do Part 2 of The Dark Knight Returns?
  • I just thought I'd post this here, seeing as it's a Batman thread. I've been doing a few short films with a good friend of mine over the years, and we decided to work together on a Batman fan film. We decided that showing Bruce in the suit would look really cheesy, so we opted for a Bruce Wayne story. Imagine if he was forced to face some of his greatest villains without any of his gadgets at his disposal? This is what we came up with, the first in a trilogy.
  • This Batman video belongs here as well.
  • I was looking through some old video games of mine and I pulled out a copy of Batman: Vengeance. I sat down and played it, and I still fell like they did really well with it.
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