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Telltale Crossed The Line

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Is there are anything TTG can do that will make you quit playing?

A lot of people said they're done after Carley was killed. We'll see. Is there anything they can do, of have done, that will have you calling it quits?

For me, if they kill Clem in episode 4 I would not buy episode 5. They would have killed off the last fuck I gave.

I would just move on after that. I wouldn't even be a little curious what happened next.
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  • wow toma long speech and yet still proving my point, it's not a poor attitude when the forums a full of those types of people questioning everything and failing to grasp the simple fact no one is safe, you say all the deaths are likeable characters ? erm what about larry and duck ? not everyone liked them ? also it's shock value which is one of the foundations of twd.. if you like someone bodn with them, they are going to die cos you least expect it. but after a while yes it may get predictable but other stuff isn't..

    my comment in a nut shell is people ASSUME everything like you your self have done but with out paying for it, a bit cheeky imo how many lets plays have you seen ? just one full walkthrough by one person or a few with different choices in the same episode ?

    reviews are peoples often 'biased' opinion which change with the person writing it.. the graphic whores, the game play whores etc..i admit i used to follow reviews and use that to make an informed decision till i got stung by them and bought a game that wasn't my thing, so know and for a while i make my own mind up using info i research.
  • I didn't say every character that died is likable and you are just being rude, Milosuperspech.

    It doesn't prove your point at all. I'm not assuming anything, I'm making reasonable guesses based on the information I gathered. You are asking for an unreasonable amount of due diligence and the fact is, there are a LOT more disposable characters in the comic and series then there is in this game. That alone makes a pretty big difference.

    In horror movies, the more likeable characters tend to live longer not die out in the third act. That is what this game is more akin to. For the tv show and comic series, those things can go on for years. This is 10 hours of gameplay. That is a very different format style and combine that with supposedly being given choices... Choices mean that you can change things for the better, save people that might die otherwise.

    Given all that, why should so many people be dead at this point? There is a difference between saying anyone can die and just killing off so many characters that your emotional involvement with the relationships, the primary focus in this game (remember, it's not a shooter where you just blast everyone), suffers.

    Where do you get this attitude that you need to insult everyone that is upset about how the game is turning out?
  • I guarantee that nearly every single person who comes on here and says "i'm done" and "i'm not gonna play it if..." will still buy and play it just like before. Then they'll come back and find something else to whinge about.
    Fact is people, it's a game about trying to survive death therefore..... PEOPLE DIE! So don't give it all that crap about this, that and whatever. Play the game, enjoy it for what it is......
  • Master of Aeons;686293 said:

    "We ah, managed to inverse the quantum emulator in the ga-hey! the positron servos and created a brand new game with countless options with no worry of space limitations because all of the coding exists in the fifth dimension where someone else has already coded it for us. The game is awesome, but ah, it seems that no one can run it on a personal computer until uh the year 3000."
  • I will play it through no matter what happens. Unfortunately those who say that no character is exempt from death has it wrong. Unless TTG switches you from one character to another between seasons the character of Lee will never die seeing as how that is the "playable" character in the game. On top of that leaving Lee without Clementine to "care" for/protect leaves the question of how low can the plot line become after the character you have been tasked with protecting has been killed, leaving another character that cannot be killed in the series. Understandably the comics have used and gone through characters to change things up and freshen up the series you still have the base characters still living, still surviving.
    IndigoHawk;681785 said:
    After episode 3, TWD is too bleak (for me). Not just the murders, but the suicide, deaths, and the team interactions.
    As for this statement the basis is survival in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world, how bright of a future do you really foresee coming from this kind of state of reality.
  • toma since your new to the forums how about you check some old 'dead posts' and see for yourself instead of assuming you know me based on a few posts..
    Yea, I got that people would die but what is the sense on killing everyone likable that you spent 6 hours developing? Finding out that a person you save gets killed anyway? Don't toss me that they can't handle a different character
    your exact words.

    you don't have to watch a tv show for '10 hours' all at once do you ?

    and if you wanna get all personal take it to pm's instead of taking threads off topic? also i find it funny how no one else as a problem but a select few do it's like you got banned and came back just have a go at me and my wild rants which is what they are rants you don't have to take them so seriously... bottom line i'm messing with you so just accept it move on and ignore me..
  • I'm assuming nothing, you are the one that is being rude to me. I don't need to read other posts you make to know how you are treating ME, thanks.

    My first post in this thread didn't talk about you at all. I made the specific point that my interest might fade after episode 5, this is because I bought the season pass on steam so I'm obliged to finish it at this point but I'm not happy with the way it's gone so I made a post here. At no point did I say I wouldn't finish the game.

    Now you are suggesting I might have been banned already and came back just to mess with you. Arrogant much? Man, take your own advice and leave me alone. Every post I made was on topic because the thread is about how this game "crossed the line". So I have posted what I don't like and all you do is be rude and keep saying that what I say is invalid because I didn't do enough research beforehand.

    Whatever though. Since you say I should ignore you I guess that just means you are telling me you just like to troll people and are therefore not worth listening too. I'll keep that in mind from now on.
  • TomaO2 will remember that.
  • "this is a staff announcement.....will TOMA02 please put his toys back in the pram, I repeat will TOMA02 please put his toys back in the pram.....thank you...."
  • to be honest your initial blurb was so long things got lost in my understanding of what the you're saying cos it was all over the place and in some cases irrelavant.

    did specifically complain about your doing research NO i mean't other who don't SHOULD, but it's too fking simple for some to do that, but people would rather blame others for their problems then face them themselves..

    so i disagree, get over your self then you make me out to be the bad guy who's arrogant now ?

    and just an fyi i wasn't in anyway being rude or arrogant just stating my opinion, but as is often shown some people think thats a crime.
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