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What is your favorite movie?

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This is a place where you can tell everyone your favorite movies,your most favorite movie :).

My favorite movie is The Incredibles. I love this movie because Pixar perfectly made fun of superheroes in this movie while still having a serious story. The characters are great and Mr.Incredible's need to do hero work is good because it shows us how hard it is for a hero to just stop hero stuff and be normal. It is shown further when we see that his boss is a person who will not help anyone and only thinks of himself and his company. The comedy is great too like when it makes fun of how villains always make a big speech when they have their enemies right where they want them.

I still wonder why Pixar decided to make a Cars 2 instead of a Incredibles 2. The Incredibles goes up with the Toy Story Trilogy & Monsters Inc as my favorite Pixar movie and i think it is one of Pixar's greatest movies.
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  • Cars was more geared towards children than The Incredibles, so I guess it made sense to give it a sequel. Or maybe they just realized that they couldn't make any more games based on the first film (seriously, there were like 3!). Who knows.

    It's hard to pick any one film above all others, but I guess I'd have to pick Star Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back.
    Or Who Framed Roger Rabbit!? Or Basil the Great Mouse Detective. Or...
  • Cars was more geared towards children than The Incredibles, so I guess it made sense to give it a sequel.

    Yeah but still The Incredibles would have made a far better sequel. Think about it like this. The options for a sequel would be A Bug's Life,Finding Nemo,The Incredibles,Cars,Ratatouille,Wall-E, and Up.

    It's been a while since i seen Bug's life but i think they did wrap up the story, Finding Nemo,Ratatouille,Wall-E, and Up had great endings and wrapped up the story well. Even Cars 1 was even wrapped up. But anyway let's say Cars was not wrapped up. So that leaves Cars & The Incredibles.

    Fair enough The underminer story was wrapped up in Rise of the Underminer but it would have been better to get a movie made around it instead of a spy story with Mater. Now don't get me wrong i did like Cars 1 & 2 but if it was compared to Incredibles or any other Pixar movie and we had to pick a movie for a sequel then i will pick The Incredibles,Monsters Inc and Toy Story.
  • I really can't determine my favorite movies. What I can say is the movies that I've seen the most in theaters, if that's any indication.

    For instance, I'm probably going to see Avengers for the sixth time in theaters tomorrow...


    And people will probably laugh at me for the movie that takes second place, so I won't even mention it.
  • My top 5:

    1. Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments
    Don’t give me any shit for this. I love the movie for the acting, the actors, the dialogue, the sets and set decor, the effects, and especially the story. I simply love this movie.

    2. The Thing
    First movie I ever saw that gave me nightmares. As I grew older I was able to appreciate the film more, for it’s sense of claustrophobic horror and every man for himself style, but mostly for it’s special effects. Ray Harryhausen would be proud.

    3. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    I first saw this movie in the late 90s in a small re-release. I quickly became enchanted with the story, and ever since then I have been following the series and it’s “legend” as close as possible. If it weren’t for this movie, I wouldn’t be a writer (I do adventure stories.)

    4. Back to the Future
    Why does anybody love this movie? It’s funny, it’s got a pop culture/ science-fiction twist, and it’s just simply a great movie.

    5. It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    No real need to explain. You just got to love this film.
  • Aliens. Up your's Davies... wherever you are.
  • You'd feel pretty shitty if he was dead. I miss Davies too.

    An American Tail
  • You'd feel pretty shitty if he was dead. I miss Davies too.

    Yes, yes I would. I'm sure he'd still find a way to scoff at it though.
  • Is he dead, or something?
  • There's a lot of movies I love, so it's hard to pick one favourite one... But, I do insanely love Back to the Future... The Lord of the Rings... and How to Train Your Dragon. How to Train Your Dragon is awesome. I mean... how can you not love this? (the video's mirrored, so may look weird sometimes... couldn't find the actual version on youtube)
  • Noname215 wrote: »
    Is he dead, or something?

    No...I don't think so.
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