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Episode 4 Trailer (inside)

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So I've readed somewhere on the forum the Episode 4 debut trailer will be released on 1st of October (today), is it true? :o

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Here's the youtube link:[/highlight]
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  • I hope the new badass female will join Lee's group,it could do with more after the losses of episode 3.

    I wonder if she is Gary Whitta's own creation or was she planned by the team from the beginning?
  • I second the fact she should join the group.

    Let's see how Lee deals with the more imminent problem first though, of about to have his head smashed in with a crowbar :D
  • i thought hammer... and it's a trailer, it's not necessarily in order, maybe lee pissed off orange hoodie ninja girl by killing someone she liked..
  • I got a bad feeling we're about to see a lot of death. I think the deaths will happen in this order: Omid, Ben, Chuck, maybe Christa but I give her the best odds. And maybe any new people we meet.

    EDIT: Looking back frame at a time, assassin lady's weapon looks much like a pickaxe or ice pick.
  • omid 100%

    the rest of em nah i reckon with the new characters there'll be enough bloodshed
  • What if TellTale surprises us and Omid survives?

    I mean, there could be some medication in Crawford...

    Expect the unexpected ;)
  • Viner16;686940 said:

    Expect the unexpected ;)
  • Zombies are Awesome!;686689 said:
    also when Kenny throws Lee the shotgun, you can see a corpse in the corner. i wonder who that could be?
    That corpse actually looks kind of like the Engineer we found on the train. Failing that, maybe he was some kind of emergency response worker, or was with FEMA or something. It could just be a case of reusing older models for unimportant things, like a background corpse. On another note, I can't wait to see the contest winner get ripped apart.
  • Gary Whitta;686718 said:
    Wrote an article for PlayStation Blog which includes some Episode 4 info (nothing too spoilery) and a couple of new screenshots:

    Well, the moment I heard that episode 4 would be "worse" then what came before. I knew rape would be involved in some way. Rape has an incredibly strong stigma attached to it. You can watch a video with people being killed much more easily then being raped.

    However, I am strongly skeptical that you can actually engage me in a bigger wringer then episode 3 because I understand your game now. You just try and make me care about people and then brutally murder them. Plus, you killed off all the people I truly like anyway at this point. I think the writers kinda used up all their best stuff already but WE SHALL SEE.

    What is in store? What could you possibly do at this point? Maybe Kenny tries to kill Ben? Nah, I would be cool with that. Ben betraying us a third time (I count him leaving Clem to die in the trailer as the second) and joining the new antagonist group as a result? Hmm, yea that could upset me.

    Christa is likely to be raped but is that terrible enough? Know what? Forget being raped. Imagine instead that she is pregnant and that someone kidnapped, disemboweled her and tore out the fetus? Wow, that sounds horrid, I think that could be a winner! What else?

    Omid? Maybe he dies of an infection from his broken leg. That's bad but it lacks a certain something... Wait, what if they leave him on the train and then after getting separated, he dies due to thirst since the supplies they leave him dry up?

    How about Kenny? Ha, just let him live, I say. He's already living in his personal hell right now. We can just watch him at the pressure of surviving his family eats at him. Really, killing him would be a kindness at this point.

    How about the Hobo? Maybe make him a pedo? Can't go fully dark without a pedo somewhere after all. I suppose that would piss me off. However, if that happens then killing him would be also sastifying... I guess it would work if he actually succeeded in molesting her? Here little girl, come take my "special" candy.

    Then there is Clem, dear sweet little Clem. Well, she is already halfway there to betraying Lee anyway with her secret walkie talkie conversations, so lets just up things up a notch by having her abandon the group so she can meet her parents which causes a rescue to form where something terrible happens to...

    Lee. Well, well, well. Lee, our hero of the game, our avatar... What can we do to you Lee? Maybe get him bit? Maybe he'll have to chop off an arm in order to avoid becoming a zombie? Maybe he can't avoid it so the chapter ends with him "being out of time" as the infection takes over and he has limited time to save Clem, that brat that put me into this situation (should have let her rot with Walkie man, bah).

    Okay and that is the worst case scenario I can come up with. I look forward to seeing if your vision can be even "better" then that! In any case, even with all that I STILL don't think you are going to upset me more then episode 3 because there is a limit as to how many bad things you can throw at a person before you start numbing them to the emotional connections that is supposedly the heart of this game.

    I'm sure you could horrify and sicken me worse then you have so far but if you can really make me feel sad about the fate of these characters at this point I will be incredibly impressed. I don't think you can. You've already killed off the people I cared about (I still like Kenny but, while he may not have been killed off in a traditional sense, he's dead inside) and if Clem is going to start being a bother and betrays me for Walkie man after everthing I did then I'm going to care less about her as well.
  • They did add Sexual Themes in the ESRB rating for the trailer of Ep 4...

    So rape wouldn't be far off...
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