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Sam & Max Surfin the Highway - Now Shipping!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 17.3K users

Hey gang,

Starting today we're finally taking orders for the all-new reprinted Surfin the Highway! You can get a bit more information on the store page.

There will be a limited-edition, signed hardcover version (as suspected by basically everyone), but we haven't got many details this very second, other than "it will be extremely awesome." I'll try and fill you guys in in the near future.

We just got a couple sample copies of the paperback delivered to the office a few minutes ago, and we will be posting pictures in this thread and on the store page in just a bit. (Note for now: The paperback version came out excellent! The cover has some embossing and spot-varnished elements and they came off the press looking beautiful. I'm damn proud of how it came out... and am now leaving my computer to go post some pictures!)

Also, if you're going to WonderCon, be sure to come by our booth and check out the book! Steve Purcell will be there for part of the day Sunday to do signings!
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  • Got an e-mail saying mine's still unavailable for shipping yet. Grr gonna be ages then cos I'm also international!! :'(
  • Got my confirmation!
  • 200 books that were supposed to go to the warehouse were accidentally sent to us, so the most recent orders will have to wait a few additional days until we 1) get the shipment, and 2) send those 200 books back to the warehouse (which is, incidentally, only a few hundred miles away from the printer, as opposed to us, who are about 1500 miles away). Sorry Harley. :(
  • Got my confirmation when I got home from work. Brightened up my, night:p
  • I just hope I don't get a higher numbered one because I had to reorder (stupid bank gave me a new visa number)
  • Emily;68696 said:

    dg10050, you used UPS.
    Thanks. I just got the confirmation email and I noticed the familiar 1Z beginning of the tracking number. ;)
    Estimated arrival date is Tuesday, which means I should be getting it Monday. :D

    (I propose that we all put our StH numbers as our custom forum titles/signatures, at least for a while.)
  • If UPS loses my package...well, I hate to think of the consequences. Thankfully, they haven't lost any of my packages yet. But now that I think about it, it IS Friday the 13th today.
  • i just received my shipping confirmation...and i am absolutely sure nothing bad will will arrive here in perfect condition. it's a long way to europe, but it will be fine, as long as it stays away from any customs officers.
  • Why am I the only one getting an e-mail saying mine is unavailable to be shipped?
  • ...because you just ordered recently and, as emily explained, the last box of book isn't at the warehouse yet.
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